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I'm Not Dead (And Neither Is The Sun) · 2:48pm Feb 28th, 2016

28th February.

I don't even remember when I started Sunset's Last Glow anymore, it's had to have been at least four or so years. Since then, it's gotten shelved more than it should. My writing has stalled and people that were interested have likely been spurned away because of the year gap between new parts being added to the story. In that time, I've occupied myself with opening a business, reading Project Horizons (damn you to heck, Somber), It's A Dangerous Business, Going Out Your Door, Fallout: Equestria--Starlight, Pink Eyes, Murky Number Seven, as well as keeping atop of other fics that have caught my eye and drawn me into the web they've woven. [A particular favorite was Wise Beyond Her Years... never saw that ending coming!]

Also in that time, I've played and legitimately beaten Fallout 3 (I had a tendency to be a dirty rotten God Mode cheater), started some other games which were summarily abandoned after one play through ( ... ), spent time idling away at doing nothing where I could have been writing, and generally drifted through life without much forethought.

As a parting gift, I will leave you a quick snippet of Chapter 7 of Sunset's Last Glow, which is currently being written.

"Get up, Phoenix. You are not going to be late for the first day of training!"

The pegasus sprawled, rolling of out his bunk and landing messily, hooves askew. He groaned, looking up to the hovering form of Stealth Light, who had a contented smirk on his face.

"Seriously, crashing and burning?" He chuckled, offering a hoof to Phoenix, which the dark blue pegasus reached out for in his half alert stupor. Looking at his bunkmate that had just a few moments ago been securing his flight suit, he shook his head and groaned. "Luna-almighty. What time is it?"

Stealth looked over at the nearby clock. "Just about 7:30. Rain finally let up, so flight field's been greenlit." He pulled up as he hovered in mid-air, aiding Phoenix to get back on all four hooves and shake the cobwebs out.

"Thanks... blast, names..."

The opposite pony gave a small laugh mixed with a snort, responding "Stealth Light. Manehatten Contingent of the Night Guard. One of the lucky few that just got transferred here for Shadowbolt Training."

"Alarm clocks and me have never been friends: the curses of being partially nocturnal. We going to have time for grub, or is our DI one of those snappy types?"

"Don't know; hopefully nothing like your recruiting officer. Met him during the registration process--never knew that pegasi could have permanent resting bitch face."

Phoenix laughed, finding the assessment of Flamerose spot-on. "Old coot's never been known for his heart. Amazing officer and a good trainer; just don't piss him off. You'll find he makes an art out of taking revenge on ponies."

I'll try to post a chapter a month; finding time and motivation in my schedule isn't easy, but this story matters to me and I want to see it through, as well as get the foundations laid for 'Till Death Do Us Part. If anybody could lend their editing talents, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks, and... "Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated."

- Notes

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