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Pokemon 20th Anniversary! · 11:03pm Feb 27th, 2016

Fast as lightning, sharp as a sword

On this day in 1996, Pokemon Red and Green Versions were first distributed in Japan. They quickly became the most popular Gameboy games of all time, but when they hit the States as Pokemon Red and Blue, it's popularity truly exploded. Pokemon became a household name. Pikachu became a cultural icon. And "gotta catch 'em all!" was the catchphrase of the generation.

In the fall of 1998, a very young LightningSword was given Pokemon Yellow version, the third version. Up until then, I had seen the games played in passing by my peers in grade school, and I was instantly intrigued, soon becoming obsessed. I had watched the anime, had a few bits of merchandise, collected the trading cards, and I longed to go out and be the very best, like no one ever was. So, when I started my first playthrough of Pokemon Yellow, I was instantly hooked. I went Pokemon crazy, and there was no way back.

I got even more into the games when they released Pokemon Gold and Silver a couple years later; Christmas of 2000 was a busy time for me. After that, I never really fell out of the loop, like most kids did. Even if I didn't have enough for the games, I still kept up with what was current and what wasn't. I was able to get my mitts on at least one game from each new generation (Ruby and Sapphire in 2003, Diamond, Pearl and Platinum in 2007, Black, White, Black 2 and White 2 in 2010, and X in 2014). I also managed to get copies of the remakes of Red, Green, Gold, SIlver and Sapphire, expanding my collection. And as of early this morning, I now have a copy of Yellow Version downloaded in my 2DS, and have been kickin' it old school in Kanto, just like the old days. :twilightsmile:

As of yesterday, I have a new reason to expand my collection.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon!

Major league FREAK-OUT!!

They say that by the holiday season, the games will be released on the 3DS (and hopefully the 2DS). And you can bet your PokeBalls that come this time in December, I'll have my copy.

Once a Trainer, always a Trainer.

Stay quick, stay sharp, and happy anniversary! :pinkiehappy:

Report LightningSword · 357 views · #Pokemon
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Comments ( 24 )

I have no idea why that reminds me of Celestia and Luna.

3780833 Can't imagine why. :rainbowwild: I will for sure be getting these! :twistnerd:

3780843 The whole nature and EV thing is more for competitive battling than anything else. You can still enjoy the games without having to pay attention to that stuff. :raritywink:

And yes, I'm getting better. Especially now that I'm back home in Kanto. :pinkiesmile:

I can totally relate. Outside, calm. Inside, freaking the FUCK out.

Never was a fan, I'm a Mario guy, but my brother is a huge Pokémon nerd. But I can also understand the show's impact.

3780976 Show, games, trading cards, everything. :pinkiehappy: Pokemon is more than just a franchise; at its peak, and even today, it's a global revolution. :raritystarry:

Here's an awesome theory I think you'd like:

So, X and Y were the start of a brand new subset of pokemon games, set in a 3D world and, if that wasn't enough, in an entirely new universe (revealed in ORAS's post game). This sort of makes them the Red and Blue of their generation. In fact, if memory serves, X and Y (the letters in the titles) are red and blue, respectively.

The land of Kalos looks much bigger than in game. There are hints that there is another new region, as hinted by a traveler in one of the hotels. Based on the size of Kalos, it could be theorized that the region is directly next to it.

Likely, this is the new region for Sun and Moon.

But wait, there's more.

Sun and Moon can be considered the sequels to X and Y. Set in the same universe, this would indeed seem so. This is further supported by the fact that OR AS, despite technically being remakes, are in the same universe.

Remember how Gold and Silver and Ruby and Sapphire all were sequels or in-quels to Red and Blue?

Remember how X and Y are the Red and Blue of their generation?

Remember that ORAS are the Ruby and Sapphire of their generation?

What does that mAke Sun and Moon?

The Gold and Silver of this new generation, of course.

It's the start of a brand-new continuity in pokemon. They are remaking the old games and revitalizing them for use in this new universe, with slight differences.

3780993 It's an interesting theory, and makes some sense. But there's a slight flaw.

Gold and Silver were remade, as well, remember? HeartGold and SoulSilver. So, is that GSC's new universe, is it in the same universe as FRLG or ORAS, or is it a seperate universe entirely?

3781040 Well, the original red, blue, gold, and Silver all dizzy in their pa own separate universes, as confirmed by the creators. Following the remakes of Firered and Leafgreen, a new universe was created. The official ruby and Sapphire plus Emerald take place at the same time as FRLG, followed by Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, which also happen to directly follow the pre-Champion events of HGSS. This is confirmed by the opening TV shot in DPPt. (About the Red Gyrados)

As for BW and BW2, it's assumed they take place sometime after the previous games, but still in that continuity.

3781055 Okay, just needed to fill in that blank. It sounded like you were drawing parallels in the wrong places for a second. But yes, it certainly seems like there is a theme there, and Sun and Moon are likely to follow it (the bright and dark color scheme even seems to match up with Gold and Silver).

And so, the DS family universe expands.

Which version are you going to get first?

Isn't it funny how the Pokémon anniversary is only a week after the new Fire Emblem game? (FE is one of my favorite series)

Love the series, enjoy the show (to a point) but a new game already?
I'm not even over X & Y yet!

Either way, I need to look at the Eshop.
Also, good job! You have a 2ds! You are a smart person! (honestly, what's the point of a 3ds? It seems overprices for what it is)

Yay Pokémon!

I just downloaded Red today.


If time and money allow it, Sun. M' sister-in-law plans on Moon, and if we can find each other out there, I'd be happy to trade with any of you guys. I'll need to acquire certain hardware to make this happen, though.

The first Pokémon I played was Crystal. I've played at least played one or two from each generation (except Black and White, only played White 2). I have played remakes, in fact I'm playing Omega Ruby right now, but I never played any of the original 3. Now that I have a chance to get them I am EXTREMELY HAPPY!! :yay:
Sun and Moon definitely have my attention though. Wonder why...

All I can say is, it will be a good time to come back to the franchise- if they decide to drop a Mega Toxicroak out of nowhere. Sinnoh was a personal favorite of mine, not only for the deliverance of good Poison Types, but just the entire region felt dogmatic. I hope Sun and Moon captures that feeling once more

3781536 Wounder what the legendary will be for sun.

3781166 I got, and have been playing, Yellow version. It was my first as a kid, and I loved it! EVen managed to get some of my old favorites together again. :twilightsmile:

(I wish I had the money for the others . . . . :/ )


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