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A lazy turd of a writer that likes making stories where Sunset likes to listen to Punk Rock. Current Projects: Minerva's Den (working title), Retrograde

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Updates (Feb. 27, 2016) · 8:33am Feb 27th, 2016

Hey there everyone, it's time for an obligatory blog post in regards to updates.

Basically, every Friday/Saturday I'm going to do a blog post to say where I am with my current and future projects. This way, you'll know where I am at on a weekly basis, and you'll be able to expect what will be coming out next. This is mostly because I write the most over the weekend, so you can expect something on the weekend for the most part. I'll be listing the next 10 things in development in order of my writing them. Why that many? It's more for me so I have a reminder that I have stuff planned.

Completed This Week (Feb 20, 2016 - Feb. 27, 2016):

1. Cracks In Our Reflections - Chapter 2: The Night Time Is Our Time
2. Locked Out Kindness - Part 1: Please Let Me Know
3. Locked Out Kindness - Part 2: What It Takes
4. Cracks In Our Reflections - Chapter 3: You Talk A Good Game
5. Cracks In Our Reflections - Chapter 4: Crawling Towards Forgiveness

Upcoming Releases:

1. Dream Routine - Part 1: Wide Eyed (Currently Writing)
2. Dream Routine - Part 2: Out Of Control
3. Cracks In Our Reflections - Chapter 5: This Is Redemption, This Is Our Lives Washed Clean
4. In A Generous Fashion - Part 1: A Disasterpiece
5. In A Generous Fashion - Part 2: Endless Sky
6. Cracks In Our Reflections - Chapter 6: Why Is 6 Afraid of 7...
7. Cracks In Our Reflections - Chapter 7: The Journey Down South (Starts With A 2-Step)
8. Cracks In Our Reflections - Chapter 8: Hope In Devotion
9. Bittersweet Sincerity - Part 1: Losing Sight
10. Bittersweet Sincerity - Part 2: Miles Away

The titles of the Two-Shots are subject to change at any given time. The order of releases may change a bit here and there the next time you see them, as this list is a tentative list.

So with that said, keep it real everybody, and I'll see you all again soon.
Onyx Archer

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