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It's not a question of can of can't. There are some things in life you just do.

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    So as I'm sure you've noticed and I've mentioned it in everything I post: life is hard. It has been a very strange few weeks. More below this Flurry Heart gif:

    Credit: Luminaura

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    Submitted List of Methods

    So in light of the many suggestions submitted for 101 Ways to Potentially Kill an Alicorn, I decided to compile all of them and post them into a blog post. This way I can continue to update it as more suggestions come in and everyone will know what's already been suggested and done to prevent repeats.

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    New Story: She's Mine

    In which I take a stab a writing a Shining Armor and Cadance Fic just for the fun of it. I also wanted to try my hand at a romance from a male point of view.

    Let me know how you feel about it and I hope you enjoy it!

    Now allow me to end with this:

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Where I've been and Where I'm going · 11:30pm Feb 26th, 2016

So since I haven't released much of anything since I finished Talking is Magic, I suppose I owe you all an update on the situation of things.

Unfortunately, reality has been reminding me that I owe it it's due attention. Don't get me wrong, I've been working on some of the stories that I listed in a previous blog but unfortunately, my muse, having been terrified of my real life, has decided to flee and now I have to coax it out again with sporadic reading. I've also been working at the emergency department which has also been eating into a lot of my free time so that's also been slowing down any new stories that I want to publish.

Thankfully, I'll be getting a reprieve early this coming week so hopefully I should have some more publishable content then.

That's all for now!

- Lightning Farron.

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