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Killing Deadpool!? · 11:01pm Feb 26th, 2016

HAHAHAHA!!! You seriously think you can kill me like that!? Why, that's as lame as saying I'm Allergic to Peanut Butter!
But you are.
SHH!!! They'll hear!
*FineBros Enter, thgrowing Peanut Butter at Deadpool*
Finebro1: So you're having an Allergic reaction?
Finebro2: We'll see you in court.

Kinda late on that part, ain't I?

P.S., I'm not allergic to Peanut Butter or any type of nuts.
...I walked into that one.

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Comments ( 3 )

Uhm, what about that sword of his that nullifies the healing factor? If someone gets his hands on it and cuts off Deadpool's head, he's done for.

3779146 Carbonatium sword! I know what you mean, but that's fictional, like me!
So... am I insane?

Silly MatPat, Deadpool doesn't play by our rules. He rejects all realities and substitutes his own. Even if he looses his memory, I'm sure he'll just pull out his unauthorized autobiography (a pop-up coloring book) and be right as rain in no time.

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