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Pokemon Sun & Moon announced for Holiday 2016! · 3:10pm Feb 26th, 2016

This week's Pokemon Direct webcast confirmed the release of two new games, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, for holiday 2016! Also, it confirmed that the digital distributions of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow will be able to upload Pokemon to Pokemon Bank for transfer into Sun and Moon.

No word on if it'll allow them to transfer into X/Y/OR/AS (probably?), or if Sun and Moon are an actual Generation VII, or just remakes of Diamond and Pearl (hey, it's possible.) Or anything AT ALL about Sun and Moon, for that matter. The only real information in the webcast was that Pokemon Sun and Moon will add Chinese language support.


Anyway, I'm sure we'll know more in a few months.

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Comments ( 15 )

Just saw it took, the pokemon fan in me is going nuts even though its really nothing but a name for now

Since this is a 20th anniversary game, I can honestly see it going 1 of 3 directions:

1) Going back to the old nostalgic days and trying to call back to the original games
2) Bringing in the most popular features of each previous game and mixing them all together
3) Adding a ton of new features that have been on the brain for a while, but never before used.

Anyway, seems like an exciting time!:pinkiesmile:

Be honest. How many of you will buy Sun because they're Celestia fans and how many will buy Moon, because they like Luna more?

3778469 I'll buy Moon because it's likely to be oriented on Fairy, Dark, or Ghost types, while Sun will likely be oriented on Rock, Fire, or Grass types.


Rock, Sun, or Grass


3778482 I meant fire.

Also because I like attention. :twilightsmile: (the Bulbapedia format ones)


Think I'll go for Sun this time. Picked versions that had Blue for so long now(Not counting my Yellow): Silver, Sapphire, Diamond, Black, X and Alpha Sapphire.

3778522 Hey, those are exactly the versions of each generation that I've picked up. But I'm going to be like you and pick Sun, because Celestia needs love. Nothing against Luna, but she's had her time to shine, and now it's time her sister got the same amount of attention. Makes me wonder what sort of legendaries they'll have though. They've already got two legendaries based on the phoneix (Moltress and Ho-Oh).

3778539 Nintendo's going to troll us. Celestia and Luna will BE the legendaries.

3778544 If that doesn't happen, I feel like a lot of people are going to name the legendaries Celestia and Luna anyway, just because.

Well, it's the 20th anniversary; let's hope it's redemption for AS/OR. I look for to new Pokémon, a new region, and new villains (although, I somehow think that Team Galactic would fit weirdly well considering the theme). I just hope they restore stuff from X/Y like the clothes, but I also hope they add the Pokémon Finder from AS/OR.

3778544 Amen!:rainbowlaugh:

3778539 I see the Sun Legendary being a pheonix (Fire/Flying type) and the Moon Legendary being some kind of sea serpent (Water/Dragon type)... that is, unless, they decide to bring in a new Type like with X/Y.:duck:

3778539 Megania is going to have some significance I believe. I wonder who the other is going to be.

3778474 I'll probably buy Moon, too.

The question now...Generation 6.5 (thanks to a strange leak earlier) or pure-on Generation 7?

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