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Vanilla Mocha

I enjoy ponies. I enjoy coffee. I enjoy writing. So therefore, this pegasister enjoys FimFiction.

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    Lol what’s up

    Hey lol it me ok bye

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    Lol I don’t log on here much but if you want cover art check me out on DeviantArt. I’m currently closed right now but I’ll be open again soon.

    Want a picture that looks like this? :

    Or this? :

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    I just typed up a few paragraph long blog post but I was stupid and deleted the wrong tab so I'll summarize here

    1) I didn't know that the passwords are screwed up now, I wasn't here for that, and I don't plan on coming back

    2) I do commissions on DA, see here for more, here's some examples of my original art without bases:

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    Please Read

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    Stuff & Hiatus

    I'm going on hiatus. In the mean time check this out. If you care about what I post and want to stay in touch while I'm offline follow me for updates please. If you're subbed to my YouTube click that notification bell.

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Revamp · 12:02am Feb 26th, 2016

As I am sure most of you are aware, I have kept the same avatar for about a year. Now, I've changed it.

I will begin changing the revamped version of Mocha's original avatar for each season/holiday. How do you guys like my winter avatar? I tried to keep it as much like the old one as possible- I didn't want to change the classic. Is it too much to look at, or is it too plain? Do I still deliver the same "Vanilla Mocha, Coffee Mare" message as I hoped I did before? Tell me what you think below! ^-^

Report Vanilla Mocha · 172 views · #Avatar #Redone #Winter
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Comments ( 11 )

I think it makes me sad that this winter has sucked in the snow department. Normally we have it from December to late March, but it's just been a roller coaster all winter. :fluttercry:

Rush and Pony on!

3777510 Aww, I'm sorry :ajsleepy: I live in Florida, so no snow for me... :applejackunsure:

*grabs cappuccino* Caffeine!!!!!! :pinkiecrazy:


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