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Humanity has spent thousands of years perfecting the indoors, so why would we want to go outside?

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  • 71 weeks
    It's been a bit

    It really has been a while, hasn't it? For the record if I ever say that I'm continuing to write again, assume that it wont happen in the end. I'd like to say that I might write stuff again but honestly I have no idea whether I will or not. I have a lot of ideas, as I usually do. But no real plans or motivation. I've come back to the site to find most of the stories I used to follow, dead. I left

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  • 117 weeks
    My Dark Souls fanart

    Bask in it's glory, filthy peasants!

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  • 125 weeks
    Stephen Hawking (1942-2018)

    So Stephen Hawking is dead. I mean, holy shit. out of all the deaths of well known people in the last three years, this has to be the most impactful yet. Very few people reach a legendary status like that man did, up there with Isaac Newton and Albert Einstien. RIP Stephen, you shall be missed. Oh so very greatly.

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  • 126 weeks
    I think I have aliens in my house

    I was unwrapping a Galaxy bar
    and it was apparently snapped in the wrapper. But when I peeled the wrapper off half the bar fell out and I can't find it. It's just fucking gone!

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  • 131 weeks
    A New Story

    Since I'm resuming production of The Pale Condition, I've decided to start a second story to write alongside it just in case I need some variety. Well, put it this way. I've been playing a lot of Hollow Knight recently.

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DMC: ANB is back on! · 4:31pm Feb 24th, 2016

I've recently rediscovered my love of Devil May Cry, and I've also relearned how much fun I have writing my crossover story for it. So officially, along with The Pale Condition, I will now add it to my priorities for writing. I can't believe I've put it off for so long, we could be well in on the action by now if I'd kept it up!

I look forward to adding more chapters as we go. Peace out!

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Comments ( 1 )

Now if only Capcom would rediscover its love as well.....*sigh, Were it so easy.

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