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Just a simple girl who wants to write great romance stories involving two special someponies.

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    I'm back, Baby! (Hopefully)

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    Salvation of my soul

    Wow another sappy note from Tarkumania. In all honesty I want to say that I'm doing a lot better now, I feel good about myself and my depression has taken a back seat in my life now after meeting two wonderful girls who have let me into their hearts. Even though I have only known them a short time I feel as if I have known them my whole life, I've been asked by said girls not to reveal who they

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    Huge Success

    So wow, 888 views on Lost In Your Eyes, plus a whole bunch of views on my other stories. Because of this success I'm going to be doing a new one shot after every third chapter of Fault In Our Harmony featuring my other ships. :twilightsmile: For those of you wondering when the next chapter is, it should be up later on today, if not early tomorrow. So thank you for the huge success of this

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    First hangover (And Last)

    So I was at my friends birthday party a few days ago and I decided to relax a bit to get over my breakup, so I got absolutely wasted... Not my best idea. I liked how much fun I had that night apart from the vomiting... A lot :facehoof: but I think that I won't be doing that anytime soon again, waking up at five in the afternoon yesterday and not even being able to write was not how I imagined

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    This Strange New World (1,000 views)

    I thought I would change things up today and write my first blog post. Why you ask? Well I've been thinking a lot lately of how I got into the fandom, before I didn't think much of My Little Pony it was just a show that was for little girls... I was very wrong about that. I'd like to thank everyone who's read my story, I honestly never expected for it to be successful at all. If it hadn't been

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I'm back, Baby! (Hopefully) · 6:57am Feb 24th, 2016

Wow, It's been since November since I've last posted anything. Surprisingly that's when the Undertaker last showed up on TV. (Coincidence???) Well it's Wrestlemania season and I'm hoping to make an impact. I've been out of action since starting up college, but I feel like if I don't start writing again soon I'm going to fall one fry short of a happy meal WACKO!
Ah it's good to be back. And I hope to be back for a while with a lighter schedule consisting of mainly one-shots. Maybe Fault In Our Harmony being continued but right now that's on the back burner with everything going with my schedule with college and work. I'm not sure when I'll get my one-shots but I'm hoping for at least one story a month. But I can say this, it's good to be back!

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