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A buttery apple. What? You expected actual information on me here?

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    Art Requests

    Hey everyone. I am back and ready to get down to business once more.

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    Where the hell are all you guys.

    Ya know. I enjoy talking to people. So uh...Can somebody message me please? Like sheesh everyone got swept away. (Including me but, shush its my blog post.)

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    Commissions Update

    My misguided self forgot to inform all of you. Yes I am still working on all the art requests. I just been brought back on my schedule due to things that I needed to focus on more. I just didn't expect for me to go on a monthly absence/hiatus/(I'm lazy sometimes sue me). This is why I made the commissions free encase something like this ever happened. I am still active. And, Hogar I hope you are

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    I have something to say... (IMPORTANT)

    So there a few things I want to address. I'm haven't been happy with myself these passing few weeks. However I have many things that cheered me up. One of them being FIMfiction. However this user page is dull as hell for me! :raritydespair: This user page isn't really meant to be my personal organization folder, it is meant to be a place for people who want to interact with me can come and chat.

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    Tumblr Ask Blog is Open for business

    Here is a link.


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In the making of a new thingy!!! (free commission to be exact) · 5:39am Feb 24th, 2016

I'm waiting to find out what the person wants added or changed but, other than that I guess its ok so far. I had to erase a few weird lines that made the hooves and rumps look all sharp lol :pinkiesad2::rainbowlaugh:

The male is going to be a changeling but, he is sketched as a stallion for now. I'll add the holes and junk later.

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