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  • 343 weeks
    On permission.

    I should clear this up now before I even publish a story here.

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    Credit Given Where Credit is Due

    There's a saying in writing "Take from one source, it's plagiarism. Take from ten sources, it's theft. Take from thirty sources, it's considered a tribute. Take from a hundred sources, it's considered worldbuilding." Sometimes, when reading a fic, I find an idea I like. This post will be comprised of ideas I like, where I found them and who wrote the stories the idea came from.

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    Cutie Mark essay

    (Note: I've decided that my essays are written from a Doylist POV rather than a Watsonian POV. Basically, its from MY POV rather than from Coin Flips)

    On Cutie Marks.

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    Coin Flip and Golden Sparkle

    Name: Coin Flip (Shadow Consumption) [Tumbling Bit]
    Age at start of 6+1: 16
    Hair color: Dark Blue
    Mane color: Light Yellow
    Eye color: Scarlet
    Cutie Mark: Spinning Coin between three stars in a triangle
    Special Talent: Luck Manipulation

    Name: Golden Sparkle (Birth Name) [Coruscating Flicker]
    Age at start of 6+1: 10
    Hair color: Muted Gold
    Mane color: Royal Blue/Bottle Green

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    On Authors, Lying and Retcons

    Before I begin, I may as well clarify the title and say that no, I'm not angry at authors saying one thing and then writing another.

    I was going to post an edited version of my OCs profiles, as there is some information on them that I either don't want you to have just yet (like Golden Sparkles cutie mark and talent) or wouldn't make sense without the proper context.

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On permission. · 2:38am Feb 24th, 2016

I should clear this up now before I even publish a story here.

There are some fic writers who create an awesome setting. Naturally, this may result in other ficcers writing recursive fanfiction or fanfics from that setting. The polite thing to do is ASK FIRST. Maybe it is to stop the flood of horrible fics that derail carefully planned out development, maybe it's a test to see who is prepared for the original author to say "no". I don't know and I don't care.

My official policy on using my ideas is thus: Go ahead and do it! I do ask that if you wish to use my OCs, you run what you want them to do by me, so that you don't have them doing something I explicitly said would never happen (Like Coin Flip going out without his ever-present goggles). This also lets me know that someone is playing with my toys and I'm interested to see what games they play with them. I'll even watch and comment on the story. Just TELL ME that you are doing it.

On the topic of crossover settings: Ask first and don't just rip my ideas off wholesale. If you want to use my OCs in my setting, the OC rules above apply. This doesn't mean that I'll say "no"and block off a whole crossover setting because someone who read both fics messages me saying that "[person] has totally copied you when you said no to them"

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