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    Status update

    I understand you all have been wondering why things have been going quite slow a bit on my end of the fanfic stories to do, and I like to apologise for that, as in with lots of everyday work I've got at the moment with working at a garden centre two days a week, several bits of helping out around the house, free-lancing on drawing, as well as, currently, the weather this summer, it's taking a lot

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    Enter the OASIS!! Ready Player One group is OPEN!!

    Enter the incredible virtual reality that is the OASIS!!

    In honour of the book as well as the upcoming film, the Ready Player One group is now open, all RP1 fanfic crossover stories are welcome here!!

    Join the hunt!!

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    Two New Groups!!

    I've now created two new groups in honour of two big wreckers (well, one is an actual wrecker and the other breaks the 4th wall, which isn't quite wrecking but you get the idea):

    One for the 8-Bit Wrecker, Wreck-It Ralph!

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    New Group for Lego Dimensions stories!!

    I'm happy to announce that I've created a brand new group for fans of the Lego Dimensions game, especially for fanfics based off or inspired by it!

    Check it out here!!

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    First Look on Season 7, True Believers!!

    It's finally here! The first sneak peek clip for Season 7 has arrived! Take a quick peek if you can't wait!

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Multiverse Madness!! My Crossover Fanfic and a special announcement of fans of the Multiverse! · 8:57pm Feb 22nd, 2016

I had just been to the London Super Comic-Con last weekend, and it was the best day I've ever had!

When I was there, I came up to a stand of comic creators who introduced me to an awesome turbo-tastic graphic novel series, Parallel Worlds: Dream Collide!

Check out the trailer for it down here:

Parallel Worlds: Dreams Collide takes in 3 alternate realities, 3 different versions of Earth, where in one world, ruled by superhero kings and mystical warriors, must fight back a high-tech Roman empire from another, who have plans on taking over not just their world, but the entire Multiverse.

In order to fight back, Gardeus, a mystical warrior, must journey the cosmos to find a power that will defeat the warmongering invaders once and for all.

Meanwhile on our Earth, a young street smart kid seems to hold a piece of a puzzle that Gardius is looking for to save the Multiverse.

While outside of reality, a mysterious goddess watches as the parallel worlds begin to collapse and get torn apart by an anonymous foe.

Will the Multiverse be saved, and what key could this young boy hold t save it? Read the epic story right now!

Parts 1 and 2 are released and future novels will be made and released very soon, so stay tuned!

Speaking of that story, my fanfic, When Dimensions Unite, will be quite similar to that, beside it being loosely based off Lego Dimensions!

Thanks for listen and stay tuned, true believers!

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