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Ouch · 7:43pm Feb 22nd, 2016

Nothing like tripping over your Stupid Dog because he got excited over a Stupid Cat who ran past us when the Stupid Neighbor Dogs scared it.

Your Stupid Dog proceeds to make you trip over his feet, fall down a flight of brick steps, face plant into the gravel driveway, injure your left shoulder and re-injure your already injured knee, which the very same Stupid Dog is at fault for hurting 2 years ago.

Story of my life. Or at least last Friday night. My knee hurt after all of that fun stuff, I didn't feel the shoulder damage until Saturday morning when I picked up my 50 pound Pit Bull to put her in the raised bath tub to wash her. I also had to bathe my Labrador and the Stupid Dog who caused everything to happen. AKA, Angus.

I was hurting after bathing my Pit Bull, Tippy.

After Maggie and Angus?

Let's just say that since I couldn't lift my left arm at all, my mother had to wash my hair in the kitchen sink that night.

My knees, and especially my poor right knee, are bruised. My right knee has a small hole in it from the gravel. My hands are scratched up. I currently have an ice pack wrapped around my shoulder and upper arm. And my neck hurts terribly, so I can't look down for an extended period. School was quite short today and probably will be tomorrow as well.

And it is all the fault of 1 Stupid Dog, 1 Stupid Cat, 3 Stupid Neighbor Dogs and 1 Stupid SeaBreeze173 who thought it would be nice to take her Stupid Dog on a walk around the grandparent's property at 9 pm Friday night.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

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Comments ( 7 )

At least you're alive.

3770706 well, I am made of tough stuff. I'm not a delicate flower. I'll be better in a few days.

Have you considered going into stunt work?

The worst I hurt myself was when I tried to throw a brick over the fence of my house when I was six or seven, and learned about gravity the hard way when the brick came down and clocked me on the head. Several stitches later...

Actually, this could explain a lot about me...

Offh, glad your alright SB, I expect nothing less from a tough old fighter like you:pinkiesmile:

3770780 I've survived many dog bites/attacks (worse was when I was around 4, got my arm right above my elbow sliced open by a Kuvaz. Plastic surgery is amazing, barely a scar), I've been ran over by dogs, nearly had my foot stepped on numerous times by horses, tripped over an agility jump and fell down the stairs in my house (everyone in my family fell down the stairs at least once for several months after we moved to this house 6 years ago, the funniest being my dad, I'll have to tell you and 3771096 that story one day). I've also done the splits several times at the K9 school (Ice and concrete do not mix), tripped over nothing at church (though maybe that was God's way of saying I should pray on my knees more often), ran into walls, ran into doors (my grandmother did not tell me she had shut the sliding glass door and BAM!), backed into a tree with my Mom's car (I looked, that tree was not there, it moved in the way). And many other things.

Now that I think about it...good grief I'm a clumsy person.

:twilightsmile: and you are awesome for it

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