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Nova Arc

Discovering colored cartoon ponies was one of the best times of my life... how many people get to say that? XD

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Nova Digi Log: Userpage 90% Complete · 4:53pm Feb 21st, 2016

Hello, subscribers! Now, I know I promised a review, but I'll have to put that off for a while. Now before you all try to burn me at the stake-

I said BEFORE!!! Jeez. Now, put those away, and look at this.

Hewwo! I'm Spark Plug! In case you didn't know, because I keep it secret, I'm the one that helped with the discovery of tachyons and application of cosmic waves into generating power for Canterlot.

Wanna be mad? Be mad at her!


Just kidding! But this is the next member of the crew! You know the drill!

I'm fwee to answer any questions you may have for me.

(Side Note: I'll soon set up a blog for OC Q&As and link it to their bios on my userpage, which you should totally check out. All that's left is Atlas, who is not please with his current... appearance.)
(Side-Side Note: I seem to have lost some followers... no doubt my procrastination must've gotten on their nerves.:ajsleepy:

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Comments ( 9 )

Does she have any affiliation with Eve Corona?

I'm totally fine with re-drawing Atlas if you want, it's just a little upsetting to not include that you wanted me to draw a stallion...

Also why don't you start a Tumblr ask blog? You have some interesting characters here.

3768751 Yeah. Sorry.:twilightsheepish: I kept forgetting to add that. If you have time to do Atlas as a stallion, please and thank you.

Actually, that's not a bad idea... gonna need a tumblr account first, though. Butbthat shouldn't take long. Thanks for the idea.:twilightsmile:

Your fwee to answer any questions I have? Who would be stoping you? Or making you not free?

3768975 I mean I'll answer whatever you ask as best I can, silly.

3768984 Okay then, what is your brief summary of String Theory?

You're asking her that?

Would you prefer I asked her opinion on Number Theory?

Hnngh! I think my heart gave out...from cuteness! So this makes Roxy, Loli, and Spark. Am I missing anyone? I'm jealous man. Wish I could get my OCs out as quick as you:rainbowlaugh:

I have a question! What in Equestria are you talking about?

You really do suck at all things related to science don't you?

Hey there pot, I'm kettle. Have we met?


'Sup, Sparky.
So, Quark Matter? Anything like Dark Matter? Probably not, actually...
Sidenote, you see them PMS for Heartless I sentified?

3769684 Yep. Looking at them now.

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