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Quick Overview of Pegasus History in North Amareica · 7:47am Feb 21st, 2016

I have the following stages outlined.

(1) Raiding: Pegasi raid the Earth Ponies for food and other moveable goods. At this point, the Pegasi regard the other Kinds as subponies. Here the only influence would come from slaves, and for physical reasons the Pegasi could only use Earth Pony slaves in their ground settlements (probably located in places accessible only by flight).

(2) Tribute: Relationship changes to regular tribute, where at least the weaker Earth Pony polities give regular gifts of food and other goods and in turn receive an increasing degree of protection. At this point, Earth Pony cultural influence starts to increase, as contacts become regular and more sociable.

(3) Alliance: Formal alliance and marriages between at least some Pegasi and Earth Ponies, formalized by the sex ritual of the Marriage of Earth and Sky (referred to by Sunset Shimmer and Celestia in An Equestrian Gentlemare). At this point, mutual cultural influences become strong, as Pegasi now acknowledge Earth Pony kin.

(4) Federation: Formal confederation of the Three Tribes created, with negotiated tributes and trades replacing extorted tributes. At this point, while national cultural differences are strong, the webwork of mutual kinships and friendships increase, and with it influence. This is also around when Crystal-Imperial culture starts to penetrate Tri-Tribal Lands.

(5) The Great Migration: Both centrifugal and centripetal influences affect the Tri-Tribal culture. Some towns are multi-kind; others more segregated. Derecho founded as a military ally of the Crystal Empire. Lith founded as a "pure" Earth Pony city. The Heartspire first founded as an alliance of all three Kinds, but in time the Pegasi are driven off and the Earth Ponies enslaved, by increasingly elitist Unicorns under their White Queen. In what is now Central to Eastern Equestria, the nascent culture of modern Equestria emerges.

(6) The Age of Discord: All large-scale polities in North Amareica break down aside from the Crystal Empire, Derecho, Lith, and the Heartspire. The Flutter Ponies are Twisted into the Changelings and hide from everypony; the Sea Ponies retreat into the deep oceans, sheltering with other races including the Deep Ones (protected by Cthulhu). The Three Kinds are alike subject to the Pliant Tyrant in what is today Equestria. Toward the end of this era, Lith is (semi-accidentally) destroyed by Discord.

(7) The Realm of Equestria: Celestia and Luna defeat Discord and spend centuries unifying Equestria. When the Heartspire's evil threatens to spill into Equestria, they destroy the White Queen; the Heartspire is abandoned. Luna becomes Commander of the Pegasi. Derecho is abandoned, its former inhabitants settle in the Crystal Empire. The Crystal Empire vanishes; many Crystal-Imperial Pegasus families emigrate to Equestria. Luna goes mad and is exiled to the Moon. After some chaos and the "Lunar Rebellion," the Pegasi are completely subjugated under Celestia and her Realm. Centuries pass; most Pegasi only sentimentally remember that they used to be separate. Windvane's memory is more than sentimental, and he lays his plans of rebellion, a rebellion to be spearheaded by the Rainbow of Darkness, powered by the Pegasus Device ...

(8) The Shadow Wars: Windvane, spurred on by Random Flag, leads the New Mandate Rebellion. He attacks the Crystal Empire and is defeated, primarily through the heroic actions of Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy Wind, and Scootaloo Feather. Luna forces the surrender of the New Mandate Armada. The rebels submit to Fluttershy Wind, who becomes the new Commander of the Pegasi. Subsequently, the Pegasi fight loyally on the side of the Realm of Equestria, and play prominent roles in the later wars, including the Last Battle.

(9) The Second Age of Wonders: The Pegasi abilities of flight and cloudwalking make them excellent colonists, and many Pegasi lead the Pony colonization of the Universe.

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Just updated it slightly, too.

*South Amaerica.
The directionality of Equestria is fucky. Either the canon map is being viewed upside down (which would make for a brick joke of epic proportions, which in turn would make Pinkie/Puddinghead's reading the map upside down a brick joke at least as far back as Lesson Zero when we're explicitly shown the motion of the sun.
Which is from the left side of the screen to the right side, with Canterlot in view... to the North. Which would mean in Equestria the sun rises in the West and sets in the East and that Ponyville itself is South of the Equator, since we are facing north and can still see the sun at such an extreme angle.

Which really makes it sad for Applejack. It would never get quite cold enough to produce her namesake, which can really only be made properly in New England.


Alternatively, the axial tilt could be more extreme. Or the animators careless.

3767973 I refuse to believe that. It wastes a perfectly good excuse to worldbuild in the corners.
I've been wrong exactly once by things shown in future canon. And even that single failure on my part doesn't exactly count since it was from a book rather than the show. That was the gender of the real Commander Hurricane.
I predicted electricity in late season 1 early season 2 from instances where a lightswitch or other device could be heard and then sudden light and Twilight's complex computerized machinery that would need electricity in Feeling Pinkie Keen. Then Mysterious Mare-Do-Well and It's About Time showed us the Ponyville Hydroelectric Dam. The explicit electric lamp and battery flashlight from Read It And Weep.
I predicted tanks from an off-hoof rhyme in Art of the Dress. Cue Word of God saying that Rarity meant the tracked machine of war, Tank the tortoise being named as such because he exhibits the inexorable nature of his namesake, and finally the Cheese Supreme Cannonball Surprise.
From the NBC suits with radiation hazard trefoil stamps in The Cutie Pox I guessed at at least a working knowledge of the atom. Cue Trade Ya, pony with an atomic model cutie mark.

3767972 As the direction of sunrise is the only good way to define east, the map being upside-down sounds like the best explanation.

3768009 In which case it would be like I said a brick joke of meta epic tier quality.
But that would mean that inexplicably the land mass that just so happens to look more or less akin to North America is flipped upside down. Of course if you want to go down the rabbit hole of overthinking things, it leads to a much different (and likely stronger) magnetosphere than our Earth

Nothing says you're in trouble like needing to be protected by Cthulhu.

Wow. High Queen and Commander? Talk about moving up in the world. Good for Fluttershy!

And pegasus weather magic probably would help a lot with colonization efforts. With the right heavy equipment, it could even help terraform the likes of Venus. Just push the acid clouds out of the way and into the processors.

Pegasi... earth ponies... sea ponies... flutterponies... Cthulhu.
One of these things does not belong.


Admittedly, this is because I like Ask Ipsy Witch entirely too much. :rainbowlaugh:

3767972 3768009 3768015 Alternatively... perhaps it's customary in Equestria for maps to have south at the top? Medieval European maps had east at the top; north only became the custom during the Age of Discovery when the known world was much wider east-west than north-south.

Which would still make Puddinghead's statement an epic joke, but only on a meta level... which makes it even better. :pinkiehappy:

Why would Fluttershy become the Commander of the Pegasi? While she is an Element of Harmony born of House Wind, an old aristocratic family directly connected to the rebellion, and definitely has the charisma and willpower necessary to being a good leader, Fluttershy doesn't seem to be the best choice for the Commander.

Fluttershy is an odd duck, and even though many great leaders are completely insane, her particular eccentricities tend to be the opposite of what a largely militaristic culture wants in their commander in chief.

I recognize there's a good chance I got something wrong, so if I misinterpreted anything, let me know.


There's some history here.

The Mandate of the Pegasi was not originally an entirely hereditary title, though it eventually evolved into a semi-hereditary one.. It was theoretically an electorate of the Ephors. One of the families which supplied dynasties to the Pegasi were the Winds -- the descendants of Commander Hurricane Wind and Wind Whistler (supposedly not the Undying one, though in truth it was the Undying one).

Then came the Age of Discord, and a thousand years of chaos. Then the Unification of Equestria -- including the scattered remnants of the Old Pegasus Mandate -- under the Two Royal Pony Sisters. And Luna became the Commander of the Pegasi, as one of her titles. And she was immortal, so the Mandate of the Pegasi was for centuries held by one of the Royal Pony Sisters, Diarchs of the Realm of Equestria.

Then Luna was banished. The Mandate went to Celestia, but Celestia at the time was relatively uninterested in the Pegasi; she tended to favor Unicorns and Earth Ponies more. Especially Unicorns. What's worse, for a century or more after banishing Luna, Celestia's own sanity was shaky.

Over a century after Luna was banished came the "Lunar Rebellion." Luna was not leading this, she was on the Moon. Her name was used as a figurehead to argue that, since the Pegasi had not actually consented to depose their Commander, her unseating was improper and thus the Pegasi were not bound by loyalty to the Realm.

The Lunar Rebellion failed. In doing so it established the precedent that there was really no Pegasus Mandate distinct from the Realm of Equestria.

The genesis of Windvane's Rebellion (it's official name to the Realm, it called itself the New Pegasus Mandate) was the conclusion of Windvane (a direct matrilineal descendant of Hurricane and Wind Whistler) that the Lunar Rebellion had right on its side but the wrong choice of candidate Commander. Windvane's belief was that the Pegasi had been tricked into following Luna, who was not a Pegasus at all, nor even really a Pony, but rather an alien monster from beyond space and time.

Somehow, Windvane had learned a distorted version of the truth: namely that Celestia and Luna were the Pony Avatars of the Cosmic Concepts of Fusion and Gravity, and that the Alicorn form had been crafted for equine hyperdominance. At the time, of course, the Alicorn Windvane was worried about was not Luna, but Celestia.

The New Pegasus Mandate secretly buiilt an aerial armada, and stole the derelict cloud-fortress of Derecho -- ancient but abandoned base of Pegasus power -- from which to base it. They built their own Rainbow of Darkness and the Pegasus Device to power it, and attacked the Crystal Empire ...

... and failed. Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Scootaloo defeated them at key points, inflicting serious damage, and then Luna arrived on the scene, in a berserk wrath for multiple reasons, but mostly because Windvane and his followers had been powering the Rainbow of Darkness by draining the life force of Ponies through the Pegasus Device (and, incidentally, creating a new Nightmare Night tale in the process). Luna nearly destroyed the entire New Mandatial fleet, including the civilian transports ...

... when Fluttershy arrived on the scene and managed to talk Luna down from doing so. Fluttershy then demanded the submission of the New Mandatial forces, to end the rebellion.

And they submitted ... to Fluttershy.

Luna thought this an excellent solution to the question of legitimacy. She hailed Fluttershy as the new Commander (if Windvane lost his claim by rebellion, then Fluttershy as Windvane's heir acquired it -- bad Pegasus constitutional law, but most of the Pegasi had forgotten their own Constitution).

Thus, the Realm acquired a figurehead Pegasus Commander (Fluttershy had very little interest in ruling the Pegasi) who was utterly-uninterested in rebellion (she had even less interest in making war on Celestia and Luna, as she was loyal to them). And, since Fluttershy herself Ascended to become an Alicorn, so matters were settled.

So essentially, by telling everyone involved to shut up and calm down, Fluttershy became the world's most badass figurehead? Take this from someone who likes her the least out of all the main characters, that is awesomely in character. Ignore everything I said previously, Fluttershy is a fantastic choice for the Commander of the Pegasi!

On another topic, what do you mean by “Celestia at the time was relatively uninterested in the pegasi”? Racial discrimination, even by the way of mild apathy, doesn't sound like the Princess of the Sun, even, if not especially, after what happened with Luna.

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