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(OC drawn by girlfriend, btw) Geek, Occultist, Gamer, Critic, Quasi-Otaku, Recently Brony, and a member of the Royal Family of Stuart (disowned by association), Soon-To-Be-Bronanalysist On YouTube! :)

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First Fanfic? · 4:13am Feb 21st, 2016

So, I've decided that, to help work through my funk, I'd go back to some writing. So, I've decided I'd try my hand at fan fiction. The catch? I need honest criticism, preferably harsh, though constructive. And, what is the subject for this fictious piece of the fan-made variety?

Well, that's the problem, isn't it? I've had two ideas that I've brewing, and they're both ones I've found fascinating. The first one is one that's been brewing in my mind for a few days, and it's a joy that I've been cultivating... An odd piece, that mixes up some Displaced elements with some SilverVerse ones, that I've put my not-so-meager Rules Lawyer/Power Gamer mind to work on... And, I've found that the rules that have been supplied can be so INCREDIBLY abused to the point that I actually feel like I'm cheating, even if I'm not breaking any of the rules...
The second one was inspired by my contemplation of a video I found on YouTube... The title is, "Human's are scary", and it's gotten quite the reaction from me. It got me thinking, and I realized that humanity is a very dangerous species, regardless of how weak we are as individuals. I encourage anyone reading this to watch the video, if only to gain a new perspective on our peculiar species, even if you're just surfing through fimfiction.

Regardless, I'm still contemplating on using these two pieces for narrative purposes... However, I've always noticed something odd about the storytelling part of my mind... It requires brainstorming with multiple parties, and works best through conversation with those of different viewpoints, to gain some piece of inspiration or perspective to bring some life to what might be an otherwise lacking story. So, this post has been kind of made to help spark some discussion, to get the creative juices flowing (get your mind out of the gutter).:twilightblush:

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Well if you ever need Criticism i'm good at that. :P

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