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On Craft and Complaining (and other negative emotions) - A Short Story · 8:38pm Feb 20th, 2016

Complaining feels awesome. Airing regrets, getting righteously angry about them and just having an all-around tantrum is amazing. Plus, it's good to get it out and not bottle it up. This is still true when you're feeling in a slump with your art (be it wordcrafting or artworking or other-ing).

So yes. Let it out periodically so it doesn't taint your body, your mind, your soul, or your craft.

But don't be a fountain of negativity about "how awful you are at this or that, or how no one is paying attention to your work, or......." because I hate to say this, but you're not special. Literally everyone and their pet goldfish feel that way at one point or another, especially when starting out. You're not being singled out by the entire universe because of how much or little talent you have hoarded away in your meat prison. The universe does not hate you. The universe does not care; it couldn't possibly care less.

Also, don't bring other people into things, as this is usually a personal issue. Unless someone is currently holding a bowie knife to your jugular and physically making you produce crap or threatening anyone who dares look at your work with castration, it's all you. For better or worse.

Just as important, don't call your (potential) readers mean names and try to make it their fault that they can't understand your magnum opus(es). That just makes you a jerk. Like me. Don't be a jerk. Don't be me. After all, if readers can't understand your work, the blame is more likely on you than them. It's up to you to make your work relatable and understandable, not theirs (this is what makes you the writer after all).

If your self-esteem is based around how popular you are, then you need to adjust something, because that is not healthy. Besides, popularity is not necessarily synonymous with good, and vice versa (though it does tend to grow exponentially as you go up in the ranks). You can deride something like Twilight all you want, but that won't stop it from being popular nor will it suddenly make you popular. Concentrate on yourself, not others, and refine your craft. That way, if nothing else, you can be proud of the final product, and there's nothing more important than that.

If that's not enough, then perhaps you should try something else.

(note: I'll probably change things around and edit minor things as time goes and I find issues or vague points or whatever. Or maybe I won't. Only time will tell.)

(Also, if you disagree with what I've said, I probably don't care and your opinion probably does not affect me in any way. Besides, this is my blog post, not yours. Make your own.)

(Also also, you can TOTALLY disagree with me. I'm not 100% right. I'm barely even 23.65% right most of the time. So. Not saying you can't disagree, just that I'm stubborn and probably won't see it your way. 'cause I'm a jerk. 8D)

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Comments ( 4 )

Not that I disagree, but what brought this on?

3766773 Just one too many "rant" posts I've seen that uses other people as benchmarks (in a negative light) and calls people who ignore them impolite adjectives. And I felt too spiteful to not do something. So I figured a blog post that nearly no one will ever read was in order. XD Just to make myself feel self-righteous. :D

3766776 Ah, see, I just rant in skype chats :P

But I got ya.

3766778 XD I have a skype account but... I don't think I've been on it in like. a long time hahaha

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