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Regarding the State of "Cracks In Our Reflections" · 11:42am Feb 20th, 2016

Hey there everybody!

I'm making this blog post to make a few things clear about the direction of "Cracks In Our Reflections" as a series, as I don't want to confuse people with some of the choices I'll be making as the story continues.

1. This story is a SunLight story, but it's not the primary focus.

Some people may find that the relationship is more or less "unofficially official," and I can assure you that is intended. I recently was involved in a relationship like that, and it inspired me in a sense. While mine didn't work out, this one has yet to be seen. Given that I have outright said that this is SunLight, I'm pretty sure it's obvious where it'll end up. Although, the journey is where all the fun is, am I right?

2. Sci-Twi is NOT going to play much of a role here.

I know that some people love pairing Sunset with Sci-Twi. I don't. I plan on actually making a video about what I dislike about Sci-Twi and Equestria Girls: Friendship Games in general at some point. However, thanks to one DragonShadow, whom I am a massive fan of, I have an appreciation for Sci-Twi, and I do have plans to use her in the future. Just, not really in this fic. Her significance will be more of a "Fragmented" (tentative title) thing. Just to be clear, that planned story is in the same universe as "Cracks In Our Reflections." Hell, there may be a oneshot or something about Sci-Twi in the future, who knows?

3. You will see pairings that aren't popular. Yet.

Some people in the comments of "Cracks" will know this already, but I've more or less confirmed that, yes, there are going to pairings outside of SunLight. Several actually. Given that until Rainbow Rocks came along, I didn't ship anything in this fandom, but now I ship a number of things. Heck, I might actually do Celestia/Chrysalis fans a solid in a oneshot taking place in the same universe sooner or later. However, with that said, I'm going to let all of you right now that I am a lover of rarepairs (i.e. pairings that are unpopular for one reason or another.), so expect rarepairs. I've got a few fun surprises in that regard somewhere in the pipeline. I've even surprised myself with how I plan to write one of them, so I'm looking forward to sharing that one with you all.

So yeah, that's about all I can think of right now. I may edit this blog entry as I think of more things I need to make clear, as right now, I'm tired. Keep all of these things in mind, and until my release, be it a chapter or a oneshot, I look forward to hearing from all you.

Thanks for Reading,
Onyx Archer

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