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Who gives a shot anymore my stories suck and none of them are good, not to mention I have no reason to call myself an author or writer

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Is Sunset a Murderer? · 8:20am Feb 20th, 2016

So watching the EQG Movies I came to a disturbing theory. Ok so we saw that every pony in Ponyville has a twin that exists in the Equestria Girls universe. We were even hinted that twilight has a twin thanks to pinkie pie in Movie #1 now Sunset comes into the world during Senior year how ever when the girls pull out a year boom we see that Sunset has existed since freshmen year. Now Sunset went through the portal but we never see her double which leads me to a theory. What if the evil Sunset murdered her EQG double. This would explain why we only ever see the one Sunset but we see the doubles of every other pony that existed in ponyville even background ponies. So it makes no sense that the EQG world didn't have a Sunset double. I think that that world had a Sunset double i also believe that evil Sunset killed this Sunset so she could take her place to control the school. This could be the reason everyone is scared of her. On the surface we see her as just a bully, but what if there is a more sinister reason behind everyones fear of her. Keep in mind The movies are done by completely different people and they are aged a little for an older audience. On top of that we should also think every creature in Ponyville and equestria has a double in this world even discord. Now when celestia banished the sirens to this world that could possibly mean that the "dazzlings" already existed in that world were either destroyed or removed from existance when the new sirens came to Equestria however unlike the Sunset Murder theory this one has no soild evidence. On the flip side to combat the Sunset Murder theory in the 3rd movie they introduced crystal prep. Indigo Zap, Sugarcoat, Lemom Zest, etc. Now we have never seen these charecters in ponyville at all so that could possibly dispell the Sunset theory however there is still evidence supporting this theory. Idk what are your guys opinions on the reason a Sunset double was missing from the EQG world. Could it be all just a coincidence or was Sunset more evil then we thought she was.

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Comments ( 9 )

When I saw the movie I got the impression that she had been there four or five years based on the photographs of Sunset I saw in the background at one point in the story/movie. I assumed the reason Sunset didn't have a twin in high school was because a discordant timeline wherein for every year that passes there five or more pass in equestria. Meaning her Double would be an adult, but the second movie puts a kink in that, maybe all travel to that particular world from Equestira puts one within five years of that current timeline and that particular parallel dimension will only be synchronized with Equestria every three hundred years or whatever the cycle is. We're only assuming that version of Sunset is the same Sunset Shimmer.

3766068 there is an issue with the posibility of the other sunset being an adult. If that was true then the mane 6 would be seniors. Cause sunset was around since freshmen year so were the main 6 also take into account that the Equestria girls world had no magic in it until Sunset brought twilignts tiara through.

3766068 also if we apply the three hundred year mirror theory that means that Celestia and Luna would be elderly and the mane 6 would be around 25 years of age. Now if we look at ponyville the reason tome moves slowly there could be because of the large amount of magic in the world. Howwever if we look at the 3rd movie twilight steals the girls equestrian magic much like the sirens tried to do. Twilight ended up opening several time rifts leading to equestria. Now this leads to the possibility that the EQG universe is an alternate world were Sunset never existed. Again if we also apply this to the 3rd movie indigo zap and the other crystal prep students excluding Twilight and Dean Cadence had no doubles in ponyville.

3766068 But also if what you said is true about the speed of time doubling that would mean that in the EQG world the mirror syncs every 600 years for them, no? But also were is Crysalis and Sombra. We saw discord and trixie is there. There to two big villians from the ponyville world. Also like i was saying the way students reacted tk sunset wasnt the normal omg bully reaction it was an overactive fear that we only see when a monster appears. Keep in mind the students didnt know about Sunsets demon side until the end of the first movie. This coupled with the fact that there is no solid evidence supporting the time sync theory or the double year theory. There is some but its not enough to make a conclusive thesis on. The Sunset murder theory does however have several hardpoints, however it does have some weakpoints as does most theories. But we need to also remeber MLP is no stranger to dark creepy undertones. Look at pinkie when she is abandoned by her friends to throw her a suprose party. On top if that if we look at the mental archtypes of key charecters we find disturbing simularities the two most notable ones being Fluttershy whos the abused child Archetype and Applejack whos the debt stricken business man archetype. These charecter archs can be applied to EQG making the murder theory slightly more plausible when you look at Sunset as the Vengful Pupil archtype.

I didn't get the impression they Twilight and Sunset were part of the same generation. I assumed twilight was taken on as Celestia's personal student after the dragon hatcher incident. I take personal to imply she had no others. Then again, I'm sure someone like Celestia doesn't have the same management issues as a small business owner. Infinite resources and being immortal grants you more freedom I suppose.

Sunset doesn't strike me as a murderer repentant or otherwise. While I believe everyone is capable of murder, I've met more vindictive, greedy, and fearful people in my life before I turned 14. And, while I have concerns those same individuals might qualify as industrial psychopaths at this point, if they aren't dead already or in jail, rest assured there are worse bullies than sunset shimmer in real life. Then again everyone is capable of murder in my opinion, and the younger you are the more concrete and rigid your level of thinking.

3766092 This is true but its her innocent nature that only furthers the theory. Your right everyone is capable of murder but its takes a certain tick to send someone over the edge i.e Sunset being pushed aside by Celestia. While sje isn't a psychopath. If we are followong my theory then they showed her the magic of friendship and channged her before she killed again. Also the more someone doeant strike you as they type to do do something like that only makes it more plausible. In murder its ways the person you least excpect. While reading up on Sunsets wiki and some reddit posts my new theory is this: Sunset came to that world from ponyville and did something to thats worlds Sunset. Sje could've murdered her or she simply could've just used magic to earse her from existance and took her place. Or maybe she kidnapped the other Sunset and had her locked away and after being shown the power of friendship maybe she went back and relased the other Sunset and that other Sunset is roaming there world.

Comment posted by Bumblebee Tuner deleted Feb 21st, 2016


Anyway, they explored something similar in future diary.

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