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I'm just a guy who enjoys writing stories and making art, please enjoy my work.

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    What I've been up too

    It's been awhile since I finished my last fanfic and in the meantime I've been working on my own original novel. I wrote 100k words in 6 months or 200+ pages! I've finished the first Draft in February and have been working on the second draft since mid march. Looking forward to when it's finally finished and I can publish it. My current plan is to publish on amazon, but it would be nice to have a

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    Night Patrol 2 final chapter almost done!

    Hello everypone, I just wanted to update you all that Chapters 73-76 are almost done! Chapters 73-75 are past the first round of edits, with 76 close behind. Once the second round of edits are done, I'll post all the chapters in one go, and that will be the end!

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    Night Patrol 2 Final Chapters

    Hello, everyone, I just wanted bring you all an update on the final chapters of Night Patrol 2. Chapter 72 is done, and half edited. I only got one more round of editing before it's it fully done. And then chapter 73 is kind of started. Both Chapter are a bit shorter.

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  • 87 weeks
    Night Patrol 2 chapter 70 update

    Hello, chapter 70 is ready to be edited it's not quite as long as 69, only about 10K, but it could be split into two 5K chapters. I'll review the events to see what makes more sense. I'm going to get 71 going tonight, and start editing 70 tomorrow to give it some time to rest. that way I can fine the errors better.

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  • 91 weeks
    Night Patrol 2 Chapter 69 update

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to report that I am alive, and almost done with the next chapter! Yay! I've been so productive since getting over my cold and writers block that the chapter presently is about 12000 words (25 pages) long! pre editing and refining. I'm still working out the last scene of the chapter. which might become it's own mini chapter if it's long enough. It was supposed to be a

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A story about Flaming Twilight · 4:24am Feb 20th, 2016

Recently I started thinking about this story idea involving Flaming Twilight Picture link cause picture is too big I guess

The story idea I have is after Twilight becomes alicorn she suffers a mental break down from the event, cause she doesn't want to out live her friends she runs away from Celestia and her friends, changing her appearance and name (Sunny Spark) and disappears, and later returns to ponyville with her new identity to spend time with her friends.

I'm wondering what people think of this idea.

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