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In Regards Towards to Pulse · 8:57pm Feb 19th, 2016

When I originally wrote Pulse, it was something I generally expected no one to read. I literally wrote it in an afternoon, with only a little actual planning on where it would go, but not actually how it would start. Most of it was thought up on the spot, like most of my writing is. But it actually garnered the most views and comments--thought quite a few of those are mine--I've ever gotten on a story over night. (Though I have more views on an older story, it's views were built up over time. This was very quick.)

So I just want to ask why?

As a couple of the reviews state, it's not a particularly well thought out story by any means. I'm certainly proud of it, this is not to imply I'm apathetic to it and its spontaneous (relative)popularity. I say relative because to most authors on here, several hundred views on something is quite... small. To the authors like the ones on the featured page, who generally have every single thing they write featured at one point or another I'd think it is anyway.

But tangents. Back to topic, what do people like about it? Is it the mood set? Is it Celestia's helplessness?

Also, I will be posting the first chapter of the sequel soon. Toodles~


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I think I already gave you my input on that, but I'll be reading the sequel when it's finished. Try to take a bit more time for that one, though. :derpytongue2:

3765703 I–I'll try. shifty eyes :rainbowderp:

Trust me, it really helps. I often recommend to people that when they think a chapter is finished, they should take another half week to really look it over. A few stories I've edited would have worked out a lot better if the author had actually followed that advice.

3765708 I'll try to start doing that. I have a very, very bad habit of submitting things before I even think they're done and finishing them before the mods get a chance to read it. :raritydespair:

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