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Cancel Blood Curse Boutique 2? · 2:51pm Feb 19th, 2016

That's the question that I'm having over the past few weeks already. Ever since I began writing it, I had that question. That question of if I wanted to write a sequel to it. A question that takes way too much of my time and I evade with every ounce of my body. I've made an entire story in the past three weeks (which was supposed to be a side project) just to not work on BCB 2.

I just can't cut the knot that's strangling me, so to speak. Keep in mind that the original story was supposed to end with Rarity dying in chapter 51. To end not just her suffering, but every one else's too. The change that allowed Rarity to live came far later on, almost when it was finished if I remember it correctly. The fuel for a sequel was always there, I suppose, but now that I'm actually working on it, I am having my doubts on it.

If the decision indeed falls that the story is going to be cancelled, I will publish what I have right now (which is about 9 chapters), edit everything in a nice and presentable order along with the entire story-flow (which contains everything that should have happened) will be laid bare.

But, if the story does get cancelled, it gives me the time and space to work on a story that has been in my head for well over a year now, and one that I really, really, really want to work on. That tale is going to be Rarity, the Time Lady. One that is going to consume a lot of my time. Not to mention, all the original stuff that I want to write.

So, there you kinda go. Personally, I say that I should cancel the story and leave it for what it is and focus on more different projects which would use all of my imagination. I would love to have your opinion on the matter. Yes, it is going to hurt if it gets cancelled, not just for you as a reader, but also for me as an author. Yet if the will to write isn't there, it's a lose-lose for both parties to begin with.

My final decision, based on what I feel myself and the reactions I get, will be made on Thursday the 25th or Friday the 26th.

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Comments ( 9 )

So, I haven't read BCB yet, RL lists man, but it really seems like you should just move on. If you're struggling this much just to get started, while another idea(s) is(are) just sitting there in your head, you should probably go with the one(s) that has all of your creative juices ready to go.

Yes, it sucks, but it can happen. This is only fanfiction, you're not obligated to finish everything you start. Although, publishing that story flow would be much appreciated.

How can two people so far apart have so many thoughts in common. I also have been thinking of putting an old project of mine out of its misery.

Cheesy it might be, but my advice is: Follow your heart. I know I will.

Whereas a sequel would make for a nice read, it wouldn't be very good to force it all out. I'm all for sequels but if you can't do more to it then do what you must I say. If it isn't meant to be, then put it to bed and get to work on what you really want to do!

Either way, I await your newest creation ^^

We'll it shouldn't be forced, but obviously there's some drive there. Personally If the other story involes some time stuff I'm all for it. I'd also just prefer the ending of BCB to just be changed then, (if possible), rather then have only partically a sequel.

I loved the first one, and I'd love to see more. But, if you don't want to, then don't

To be honest, I'd rather to have just one story than a probably forced sequel. I loved the first one and I'd love to have more, but it just won't be the same if you aren't putting your heart at it.

3764490 It's a funny old universe, that's all I can say about that. For better or for worse, I do think I'll follow your advice on the matter.

3764467 3764783 3764864 3764909 3765617 Thank you all for your input on the matter, and you all have your points where I do have to agree on. I think, that for my mind at least, the decision has already fallen on the subject.

3766108 Sounds good to me ^^ Either way, the outcome will still be awesome :D

You need to have drive and desire to work on stories. If your passion does not lie with BCB 2 at this time, then set it aside and do other stories. I think it is worse for fans to be treated to a sequel where the creator lost their passion, than being denied that sequel. That being said, I also believe that you should give your best with everything you do. If you do something, 100% of you needs to be behind it, and it needs to be done 100% the right way.

As a fan of BCB 1, I would rather see BCB 2 done the right way and given the honor it deserves as a full story, instead of nine chapters edited to provide a finite ending.

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