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I am a brony and have been a fan of mlp for 3 years now

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  • 132 weeks
    I think I lost a few brain cells

    Title of this blog says it all. Just what the f:yay:k.

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  • 169 weeks
    Do you ever wonder

    Do you ever wonder if the mutiverise is just one mutiverise in a muti-mutiverise ?And no I'm not tripping on drugs. It's just one of those things you think when you read multiple stories involving the mutiverise. Just a question.

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    Does anybody remeber the name to this song

    No seriously.Does anybody remeber the name to this song? Because I don't. It had a werewolf and the tardus and I think a Lamborghini and virtual reality and the guy is playing chicken with the cops and a VHS store in the middle of f:yay:king no where. And this is in the music video.It was in a blog post somewhere between the end of 2018 -at the start of 2019. If y'all know please tell me it has

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    What is the name of the story where pinkie pie is in love with rainbow dash but she also wants to kill her? That trailer of the new show on Netflix had gotten me thinking of that story. Please help. Also I have a idea of a story about a solider meeting twilight and the gang before the events of the show even starts. And by the time Twilight becomes a princess she meet the soldier again in his

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  • 374 weeks
    F:yay:k Hasbro's, F:yay:k youtube , F:yay:k Netflix . F:yay:k daily motion F:yay:k 'em all

    F:yay:kF:yay:kF:yay:kF:yay:kF:yay:ks:yay:ts:yay:ts:yay:ts:yay:ts:yay:ts:yay:ts:yay:ts:yay:t. s:yayt. I hate Hasbro for reporting to youtube about reporting My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Legend of Everfree including the vid I was watching when I exited out to do something , I hate youtube&daily motion for their F:yay:king policy and Netflix for the F:yay:king high way robbery 9.99 or what ever

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This website needs more tf2 mlpfim romance stories . I am serious . · 11:20pm Feb 16th, 2016

As the title says.This website needs more tf2 mlp;fim romance stories . I am serious . I have checked all tf2 groups and almost all of the groups didn't have a tf2 mlp story . Only one did . Well Kind of . It was to make you intrepid all the videos where they show twilight and sniper . I want to read some stories where twilight gets teleported to two fort right in the middle of the battle. Then sniper and the rest of red team save here from the blu team.So I was thinking of starting a story will I write the cod mlp crossover story and try to get both up . I am also starting a group for tf2 mlp:fim shipping so that you will have an easy time to find them.
This is Dakingace signing out till next time.

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