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call me alex ✯ he/him pronouns please (closeted trans kiddo) ✯ I like Rick Riordan's books ✯ sometimes I draw ✯ happily not-single ✯

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  • 171 weeks
    happy tdov everypony!

    sorry I've been super inactive on here!!!
    I've been busy with school and rowing and tumblr :twilightsheepish:
    but I just wanted to drop by for trans day of visibility! for those who don't know, I'm a closeted trans guy (Alex- he/him pronouns) so this day is gr8 for me ?️‍?

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  • 187 weeks
    again, going through old blogs

    and i saw the blog from right after my KSU MUN conference

    and i said

    also there was like only one other person (that i know of) who was somewhere on the LGBT+ spectrum in WHO, as opposed to my previous MUN conferences where over 10% of the people in the room weren't cis het

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  • 187 weeks
    lmao i was going through my old blogs

    and i said that 2015 was the worst year ever

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  • 188 weeks
    again abt poems!!!

    i have it narrowed down to six!!!! one of these must go!!!!
    These are for a poetry recitation competition later but i can only pick my top 5! if yall could read these and tell me your least fav that'd be great!!!
    Do Not! by Stevie Smith

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  • 189 weeks
    hmu if you wanna watch me read poems

    im in a poetry competition beginning of next year so im trying to narrow down a list of poems from 27 to 5 (i have to have my top 5 decided by tomorrow) so if anyone is bored and wants to watch me talk for a couple hours i can start a hangouts call

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Reblog: Artist Challenge! · 2:27am Feb 15th, 2016

Do you draw often?
Do you draw people (fictional characters included, obviously) often?

Have you ever noticed how people somewhat resemble their art style? :rainbowhuh:
Of course, no one looks exactly like their art, but the styles do somewhat correlate to the artist

If you feel up to the challenge, why don't you post a picture of yourself with some of your art! as long as you feel comfortable doing so

Let's see how many artist do look like their art! :pinkiehappy:
If you want to post your art with a pic of yourself, feel free to comment below or use the tag #art&art in a post :coolphoto: or even posting it on my page or sending it to me in a PM
Also, i would recommend using PostImage, owing to the fact that Imgur no longer supports pictures for fimfiction :applejackunsure:

If I get enough people who participate in this, I'll make a huge blog with all of the art and artists on them! (with their permission of course)
Thanks to those who participate :twilightsmile:

So far, AquaPunkChick, Snow Bullet, and Infinity Shade are the only ones who have participated (at least to my knowledge.)
The previous blog is here, and I also made a post here!
Feel free to add to any of these links :twilightsmile:
And for those who have already seen this blog, thanks for dealing with me :twilightoops:

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Comments ( 5 )

I kinda don't want my beard on the Internet.

3754872 thats fine! this is completely optional :twilightsmile:

3754892 I'd do it, my beard just isn't quite long enough.

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