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They say misery loves company. Not quite. I love Misery's company.

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    See ya Monday!

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    Important Announcement

    For this post, I will be abstaining from my usual routine of self-deprecating humor. I want to be serious about this.

    Last Friday, I posted a bonus chapter for my story Chasing a Dream. I received a few comments from readers who were excited about the fact that the story wasn't dead.

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    Dumb 50 questions thing going around right now

    Because why not?

    1) Name? Nick
    2) Height? 6'1"
    3) Weight? ~150 lbs
    4) Age? 21
    5) Birthday? March 5
    6) Girl Bestfriend? >Implying I can befriend women
    7) Guy Bestfriend? Erik. Bro living one state over. Best friend from college. He's already graduated, but we still talk.
    8) Crush? Minuette and Celestia. What? It's supposed to be human women?

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Is Chasing a Dream the new Deadpool movie? · 8:08pm Feb 13th, 2016

Because it's been in development hell.

But hey. Chapter 7 is finally here. Hope you enjoy it.

Speaking of Deadpool, did you get a load of him?

I did. He delivered his load all over me. It was glorious.

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Comments ( 1 )

My brothers both saw the movie the other day, I'm gonna try and see it soon myself, but I currently am suffering from a case of the bum foot aka pain swelling and severe lack of ability to walk. I hope the movie doesn't spoil in the mean time.

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