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Hey there, Mariacheat-Brony here, Belgian Brony writer. Favorite Ponies : Vinyl Scratch & Applejack \OCTASCRATCH FOR THE WIN/

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  • 4 weeks
    Essay for my novel. (Sorry it's not MLP related)

    Hello guys,

    It has been a while.

    So I stated in my last blog post quite some time ago,

    I have been focusing on my own novel Project. After months of World Building, I'm now beginning to write some actual novelization content. Both as practice essay and as a mean to introduce some elements of the world I created as well as a testing how those elements hold together.

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    3 comments · 89 views
  • 34 weeks
    It's time to put everything on hiatus.

    To anyone still following those blogs,

    First of all, I'd like to thank you a whole lot for your support throughout the my active years on this website.

    Secondly, I'll address the big elephant in the room : I have failed in my plans of keeping up working on my fanfics.
    For some reasons, I can't manage to write about the next updates for GTVS, Scratchin' Thieves or Apple Scratch Saga.

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    13 comments · 505 views
  • 77 weeks
    Questions you might want to ask me and The GTVS Comic pages.

    Hello there old friends,

    It is I, Mariacheat-Brony and I'm writing to you answer the questions you all might have about what has been going on with my writing for. That is a blog post that is extremely long overdue to be perfectly honest.

    Have I left the MLP Fandom?
    I still am into MLP, but I'm nowhere near invested in the show as I was back to my beginning.

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    13 comments · 860 views
  • 131 weeks
    First stream tonight (this afternoon) on The Apple Scratch World Building.

    Hey guys,

    How are you all doing? Well, I hope.

    Anyhow, it's just a quick announcement that I'll be doing my first attempts at creative writing streams in a couple of hours.

    Subject : Brainstorming about the Apple Scratch Verse : Other Countries, others races, world building, Map of equestria Completion... etc

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    5 comments · 319 views
  • 142 weeks
    Possible Creative Writing Streams with Mariacheat?

    As you might know, I've had the chance to co-hosts some of Kare's steams related to GTVS and its comic. I've taken a liking of those co-hosts (reminds me of my short time as a youtuber), but sadly I can't draw really good so I doubt that I could host some streams without Kare there to draw. (

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    1 comments · 232 views

Special Valentine's day Streaming session from Kare-Valgon · 11:52pm Feb 11th, 2016

In the honor of Valentine's Day, Kare had setup a few streaming sessions on her Picarto Channel . The last one is on Friday the 12th and is about GTVS's most important Couple : the young teacher Vinyl "Vincenza" Scratch and the studious cello-playing high school senior Octavia Philharmonica.

The stream will start around 3PM Central Standard Time, or 10PM in Belgium.

I hope you'll be many to join. I know I will be there to watch it :)



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Sorry I can't be with you guys :ajsleepy: I'm busy all day. I hope to hear some new streams coming

I'm the same Cottonw00d from the stream, this is my fimfic account

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