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Peace out blog. · 5:12pm Feb 11th, 2016

So mostly I think it is time.
Really through my time I never reach a year on this site, actually I think I have. :P I know, when I first join the site I can say people were really excited to see a German female that new nothing about English, but look at me now, I can speak English and type it. It wasn't that hard. Russian and German, I'll stick with that. Hehe not many people in Germany know English maybe one of my friends do but not all! :c I have to say I meant amazing people on here, it what keep me going making me laugh. I don't know, I know a few people have a crush on me. And well.. I sorry to say to you guys but. Im takin and I'll have to reject. Sorry. :[ also I I'm not done. I want to honor some people. Who keep me going on this site.
Sans-...I wub u so much...
Shh...Why u make me laugh I almost died..-•-
Thunder eye...You're such a Perv! XD
Blue Blood DJ...Damn you left Guess you won't see this Sooo fuck me u scrub. Jk
Thunder Sentol... OMFG I don't know how to spell your name but thanks.
And tons other but I get lazy typing.
Anywho when I first join I though well no one would like me, I was abit nervous. Oh what would happen, the First person who talked to me, Rad Chad, hell he was the one who talk German to me. I don't really know what he does anymore I don't care now.

Time goes fast but I'm going to put my foot down and turn and see what else I am going to head too. This world is filled with things. I can't wait to see. Of course our worlds aren't like Anime or Cartoons or what ever else, no matter how cool it be. We have this world.

*Sigh* I really have nothing to say I just want to say.


Cap lock fuck YEA! Good Bye everyone. <3 I don't want you guys to think I'm leaving you just like that. I want you guys to know, I'm always around the corner. If you need a friend I'll be there.

@Skype is lovemeyouscrub

ByeBye :heart:

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Be strong out there. I'll look you up on Skype. Remember you're always welcome back. :heart:

Comment posted by Plain Hunter deleted Feb 11th, 2016

Wish I got to know you better, but I'm glad there's a way we can still keep in touch.:twilightsmile: We'll miss ya.:rainbowkiss::heart:

I'll miss ya but good luck with wherever the world takes you

Oh boy, I was hoping I'd never see this day...

I'm gonna miss you. Aside from Shadow Rift, I really want you to know I enjoyed our little talks with one another, and I really liked that every time we spoke, you made me feel a little more happy.

See you soon, if you ever come back...

Live your life to the fullest and have fun with it!

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