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  • 11 weeks
    The Legend of Mass Effect

    So the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition released today and I've been having a blast replaying through ME 1. These are game I haven't been able to play in over 7 years. Going to a Wiki to research information on ME is fine, but experiencing the game is so much better.

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  • 14 weeks
    Revisions are Finished

    So chapter 9 and 10 were the two I dreaded the most. After reading them again I realized that having Shepard, AJ, and Dash fight, the way I did, was rather out of character; especially for the latter two. So I removed the fight and added a new story plot point that I think will be a lot more fun to play with in the future. So anyway with 9 and 10 being combined into a singular chapter this

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  • 16 weeks
    Chapter 8 is done

    Chapter 8 has been renamed and the update posted. Only two more chapters to go.

    Changed include some revelations and lot of dialogue changes, please tell me how you feel about it.

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  • 16 weeks
    Getting Closer

    So Chapter 7 has finally been updated, only three more to go, and I'm making good progress. While I had announced that I'd hoped to have a new chapter up by the second week of April, sadly, that does not seem to be possible.

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  • 16 weeks
    Looking for Artwork Commissions

    I'm wondering, is there is anyone willing to contribute artwork to ME:C? Of course I'm not expecting you to work for free. If you, or someone you know, is willing then please DM me or you can reach my email at oceansama@gmail.com or Discord at username Oceansama#6016

    We can discuss details there.

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Mass Effect Update and Chapter Progression. · 3:35am Feb 11th, 2016

So, I've recently posted updates to chapters four, five, and six. I want to edit the other chapters, but I think it is passed time for me to update the story with a new chapter. That being said I've decided to ask for your help. I am posting a link to my next chapter and you can comment on it and leave suggestions and ideas. I am hoping that with your input I will be motivated to write more. Also I'm thinking of hosting a live writing session in the future. We will see. Thank you, everyone, who has marked a favorite and commented on my story over the years. You deserve much better from me and I hope I change that.

Link to the next chapter (unedited and very much a work in progress).

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Good to see you back ,and sorry I cannot help, wish you luck though! :pinkiehappy:

Awesome to see you back.

What an impecable timing , i just i found this fic , the chapters that i read were modified , i noticed that the story was unfinished and then you made this anouncement all i the spans of a few days.


talking seriously , what i like the most about mass effect continuum , is that seems you are trying to reconcile the mass effect world logic with mlps , for example you choose an isolated are for shepard to arrive , the first people that gave her explanations werent a major character ( princess celestia , twilight ) so we dont discover too early what they really know or think the situation , since the codex was sent to the planet it could have had an inportant role in its developement , thus explainig many odd things , such as why there are so many sentient creatures,

Anyway , i hope you find the time and inspiration to continue writing.

Well, I started reading your fic a while back, but when I noticed it was undergoing rewrite I decided to wait until you finished that and went on to the next chapter.

I'm wondering, since I haven't yet reached the latest chapter, just how extensive are the rewrites? Is it just story flow and grammar, or do you actually change some of the plot? I'm guessing the changes are not that big if you can afford to put another chapter without finishing the rewrites first, though I may point that there could be others like me who decided to wait until it's rewritten before diving into this fic.

Still, I guess I'll go on reading it all, then I'll take a look at the next chapter. Though I can't help but wonder, do you have an editor or a beta for this fic? I mean most authors ask those instead of readers, and I can't help but be surprised at your request.

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