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meh art ;w; · 12:11am Feb 11th, 2016

Idk, I'm bored. I was able to stay out of school today sine my mom had a flat tire ;3
Other than that, I drew a wolf from a song called UGLY, which is a really good song! >w<
I just noticed the body and hair are like fluttershy's tho :twilightsheepish:

It would have looked better, the sketch did, but I have yet to get a wacom tablet XP

Now I don't know what to draw. My brain has been sucked out from boredom O-O

Report Doukzor · 163 views · #wolf #drawing
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Comments ( 4 )

3747648 RISE OF THE FLUTTER WOLF!!!:pinkiecrazy:

1 (test comment) I'm just trying something out. Plez ignore this little comment sitting tightly in the comment section:pinkiecrazy:
Dang it didn't work XD

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