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I am 20, Brony, and Christian(And proud of it!). Also I am a gamer to my bones.

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I really don't care · 5:42am Feb 10th, 2016

Let me be honest here........I don't really care if you don't like my stories. I really really don't care. Now don't get me wrong everyone is free to there opinions and I don't care if you hate it or not. You like it I thank you and glad you enjoyed it. You don't like it and explain why, thank you for the honesty and caring enough to tell me where I messed up and need to approve on. I've gotten a some backlash and bad reviews over some of my stories recently. Some saying how it's poorly written, misspellings, characters out of character, continuity problems, too dark of writing (Yeah I'll give you that one), and sometimes just dragged through the mud. To which my reply is this........okay and again I don't care. I don't write my stories hoping to get fractured, get a bunch of likes, or views. I write them for me. Every story I have written has a reason behind it.

How He Truly Feels, you want the story behind it? I used to be in the same boat Spike was in with a girl. Did everything I could do to make her notice me but nothing happened. So I wrote about it a good 60% of that story is based on actual experiences I've had. It wasn't until I meet AlyssaAmbrose, that I found someone I didn't have to travel to the moon and back or feel bad about who I was for her to love me back.

So go ahead tell me how bad my stories are. Because quite frankly I really don't care. If the fans of it like it then I'm happy, If I like what I wrote I'm happy. But to those that feel the need to point out all the flaws in other people's stories, keep this in mind. You're reviewing FAN fiction! Not Homer's Odyssey.

Report N7_Spartan117 · 425 views · Story: How He Truly Feels ·
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Comments ( 20 )

I hope this isn't an indication that you're canceling HHTF. It's a really fantastic Sparity story. You are always going to have hecklers and negative reviewers, no matter how good the story is. It's one thing to offer constructive criticism, and then there's just saying it's bad just because they can. Don't let them get you down and keep pressing forward.

Yeah that seems to be getting more common in this site. But for the record, I've always liked your stories. Sure they were rough around the edges but I saw feeling behind them.

The only thing that's upsetting is that my favorite, How He Truly Feels, most likely won't get another update. But no matter how upset I was, I was happy to a greater degree. When Alyssa messaged me and told me why there would (Most likely) be no more updates I was so happy for you, you found love, and that's an amazing thing for anyone.

I've always believed that demanding anything from an Author who's sitting here doing all they do for free in their free time as a hobby, is rude and doesn't show any appreciation for you guys sharing with us your creations.

Ah... I'm rambling... Well to sum up, I believe you should focus on and do what you want. You don't owe us anything. Anyone being a dick just ignore. We still love you and support you man:pinkiehappy:

That's it! You tell them! This is your story. You write it how you want.

3744773 it's not dead it's just with school and her my window of writing is very small that's why you you have seen thoes one shots because I'm not writing all of it. The problem I have with it now is just how do I top it. I realize with the amount of time and how I ended it it's hard to beat but it's like. It's where I wanted to get and I can see the end but it's like so which way do I go to get there. To be honest most chapters are not first draft some are third and fourth.

After reading Leoshi's merciless review, I can understand you're saying. I'm going to agree with Dragon Warlock and Darkoes. There's always gonna be people who hate it. That's life. No such thing as the whole entire race in the planet is gonna like the same thing. It would be wrong to force you to write, so do as you will when writing! :pinkiehappy:

And as a fan of Sparity, I enjoy your story. But if you choose to no longer update, I can accept that. It's your story. Your rules. :twilightsmile:

Hell, I'm writing a story right now, and despite the fact that only a few people notice it, I'm still writing it because I enjoy the story. Crap, I'm rambling as usual.

Anyway, your choice man! And if someone is a dick to you, let me know! I can kick their, I mean, talk some sense to them. :twilightsmile: You can count on me Spartan!

3744797 Thanks it's not just because of that its I've seen it happen to other friends of mine and I was just had enough of the hate reviews. Trust me it wasn't my first one I was given. I had wose from people I delt with on a regular basis. Funny thing was the girl the story based on was one that tried to tell me what I messed up and I'm sitting there like really really are you that blind?

I like your fics

3744792 Well I'm glad to know it's not dead. Honestly, I think HHTF is a really good story. It has one of the best ways of looking at Sparity just on concept alone, and you have made it more and more intriguing the further you have gone into it. I really hope that we will see the outcome of this story, and it's good that you don't let those jack-holes who give you all of that negative feedback get to you.

I know how you feel. There was this guy who didn't like my story just because he could not finish reading it. I don't know why, I had made sure that my story will be fun and engaging to read! Now he has the nerve to make an obnoxious review on my story once I am done with it. I don't want him to do it! I don't mind of someone does a review of my story, but I preferred it if they do it in a mature and calm way (as in talk aboit what they liked or disliked about my story), not throw a temper tantrum or mock about me and my characters (like Nostalgia Critic)!

Someone is always there to break your day.

I would say Take it like a Spartan... but it's just the bronies who grow more and more specyfic in their read stuff.

That critic burn
Burning the nit picking critics was so real

I applaud you and the last thing you said about it being fan fiction not homer's odessy was just great

Been there, I know those feels man. Ignore the jerks and write the storys you want to write.:twilightsmile:

ah.... i forgot this story existed. It's been like, what, a year?

I'm sorry that happened you man. I have been lucky enough to get constructive criticism so far, haters going to hate. So you should write regardless of what anyone says.

3744828 Short. Simply. And to the point.:pinkiehappy:

I agree with you on this N7, how he truly feels, was by far my favorite spike breakdown / mending story. Honestly I couldn't give a s*** if you did have any grammar punctuation spelling errors errors or anything else, wrong with it I don't think there was one point throughout the story where any of those issues were ever enough to take me out of the story,
Now I have read some real stinkers, and how he truly feels is nowhere near that pile of s***. On the contrary I will actually consider this going on record to say it was as enjoyable as any of the fallout Equestria stories. And to any of the naysayers I would say this

" look Pals you have your way of writing, I have mine every story writer has their own, that girl over there has her own, and so does this guy over there, but guess what this isn't your story and it isn't mine. Do you know who's story this is...?

THIS IS SPARTAN'S..... story.

3746971 Thank you, the grammar problems I actually can't fix on my own becasue I'm dyslexic and to me what is spelled write may not be the right version I was thinking in my head. My friends laughed at one of the reviews that bashed it because my views and likes dwarfed all their stories combined.

3746985 hey thats cool, and I wasn't saying anything that wasn't true. :pinkiehappy:

i liked this blog ant that story cuz i get it ive bin ignored by girls i like all my life so when i read that story i could feel all of spikes pain and how he felt. i realy dont care about spelling and stuff as long as i can read it

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