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Time (part 2) · 11:09pm Feb 9th, 2016

As per the complaints that have been piling up due to the timeskips and what not, I will inform everyone of what is planned next in regards to the timeskips, but it will be in spoilers. So you can choose to read it or not.
There is one last timeskip, upon which the plot of Aether's story finally takes hold again and time progresses at the story's original normal pace.

Report Silvak · 291 views · Story: Astral Aegis ·
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Comments ( 2 )

It's frankly necessary, too. This has started to read more like some kind of history book than an actual story. I actually can't remember the last chapter that actually felt like it had some kind of coherent plot.

But there is a large scope for going back and adding some lighthearted chapters later when things get too serious.

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