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Inspirational Thoughts of the week #6 · 7:35pm Feb 9th, 2016

Hello people of the interweb:rainbowlaugh:! Its that time of week again and this week's guest OC commentator is Melody Star!

Hi everypony!

Cute isn't she! Now for today's topic


Personally, I'm torn with winter. On one hand its pretty, slow moving, and nice. On the other hand, it can be a cruel bitch! The harsh temperatures, bad roads, and crazy tendencies! What do you think Melody?

I think Winter is awesome! For one thing, my mama is on the weather team and she and papa help change the seasons. When winter comes around, I help my friends and neighbors gather supplies and prep houses. Then of course there's Hearth's Warming and the really cool snow days! I get to go and play outside with my friends or try and teach my baby sister to fly in the snow clouds. That's why I like winter.

Excellent thoughts Melody! Now...Question Time: What do you think about Winter?

Til next time!


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