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Are you doing something for hearts and hooves day? · 3:45am Feb 9th, 2016

My and my be will just be cuddling and eating and watching a movie. Nothing else!

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Wait we are..?

3742408 Don't spend a damn dime on me or else I'll rip your dick off and shove it down your throat. I don't need to be spoiled. <3 all I need is you to drive me crazy. Che che

3742411 are you going to say that if people read this.

3742413 who cares if they read it? Don't chicken. Bb u big nerd *Stick tongue out*

3742417 I'mma celebrate my birthday.

3742426 happy earlier bday Ja.

3742442 I'm all of does! o:

3742452 I'm sorry, but it's nowhere near that of Deadpool. It's godlike in how amazing it is.

3742458 bullshit. Dead pool can duck my massive ca-ca, then he can take it since I'm x3 better then him.

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