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¡A Solution To The Shortage Of Blood & Organs! · 10:59pm Feb 7th, 2016

I have a solution to the Blood-Shortage:

¡No deposit! ¡No withdraw!

¡Let the freeloaders die! ¿Why waste blood on ponies who never donate? It seems wrong that a Blood-Donator dies after getting into an accident and needs blood, but all of the blood just went to a freeloader who went our Drinking & Driving, killed a family, and needed blood for his injuries.

Children get the benefit of a doubt and get blood. Donators take about 1 to 2 hours from sign-in to walk-out and can donate 6 times yearly. That is only a maximum of 12 hours yearly. Those who cannot donate blood for medical reasons can earn the right to receive blood by volunteering at BloodDrives for 12 hours yearly.

I also have a 2-For-1 solution to the organ-shortage and all of the money we waste trying to save helmetless motorcycleriders:

Make riding a motorcycle helmetless be automatic consent to organ-donation and an automatic waiver to heroic attempts to save the life of the rider. Imagine this:

An helmetless rider enters the ER with a 3rd of his brain in his head, a 3rd in a bucket and a 3rd still out of the street somewhere. His eyes are intact and he has no injuries beneath the neck. Rather than wasting money trying to keep him alive, harvest his organs. The idiot just saved the lives of 5-10 ponies and gave 2 ponies needing new corneas sight.

One must be willing to give organs to get organs, so only ponies willing to donate organs can receive them. Children automatically qualify as organrecipients.

⸘Why do morons not listen to me‽

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What about people who are unable to donate?



Volunteer to help at 1 BloodDrive/Weekly.


And when will someone with a full time job find time for that?


Well now, we have to make certain that they are not freeloading, which is why we have the bloodshortage. Most ponies get 2 days off weekly. They just have to sacrifice 1 of them. It is not a total sacrifice because when things are slow, they can listen to PodCasts abouts Science, Skepticism, and Technology, while reading HorseWords from FiMFiction.Net.

I do not ask anypony to do anything I am not willing to do:

Less than a month ago, I gave a DoubleRedCellDonation and I am an OrganDonor.

I have a question for you:

¿Should we let a BloodDonor die because we wasted the blood on a freeloader who went out drinking and driving, crashed into a SchoolBuss killing 30 foals and needs blood for his injuries? or ¿should he let the freeloading drunkdriving foalmurdering sack-of-horseapples die and save the blooddonor? ¡It seems to me that the world is better off without the freeloading drunkdriving foalmurdering sack-of-horseapples!

¿Are you an OrganDonor? ¿Do you donate blood?


Are you an OrganDonor? ¿Do you donate blood

No, but not by choice.
I'm not ALLOWED to by law.


If you are a male homosexual, the laws about homosexuals and BloodDonation change. As of 2015-07-01 in the USA, male homosexuals (specifically men who had sex with men because of all of Republicans like Larry Craig and Ted Hagger who insist that they are totally heterosexual) can donate blood. If you had cancer, hepatitis, et cetera, you are out of luck.

Now that I think about it, donators take about 1 to 2 hours from sign-in to walk-out and can donate 6 times yearly. That is only a maximum of 12 hours yearly. ¿Would it be acceptable to reduce number of hours medically ineligible ponies have to volunteer to just 12 hours yearly? Just volunteer to help at 2 6-hour BloodDrives yearly and one can receive blood for the rest of the year.


I don't live in USA, still illegal here.


Just volunteer to help at 2 BloodDrives yearly and earn your blood.

Maybe, in a few years, we will be able to grow blood in vats and grow or print organs.

That is...
One of the least ethical suggestions I have ever heard.

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