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    Need Prereaders for new ANDANT chapter

    After two months of careful planning and writing, I have finally finished up the newest chapter of A New Dimension, A New Threat! The only problem is that I am in need of some prereaders for this chapter. Is anyone interested?

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    Voice your dislikes for me :D

    It's an unusual blog, but I want to better myself as an all-around user. In order to do that, I need to know what are the primary complaints in regards to myself. Then, I will tackle those perceived flaws and improve upon myself.

    So, what traits do people not like about me? And if possible, it would be appropriate to give examples.

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  • 293 weeks
    Today is my 23rd Birthday!

    How shall we celebrate?

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    I just beat Xenoblade Chronicles X! Hooray!

    After pouring over one hundred hours into the game, I finally beat Xenoblade Chronicles X. This makes me very happy, but also leaves me yearning for a sequel because of three major stingers left unwound.

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    I'm currently wasting my life right now.

    I apologize for the lack of any New Dimension updates, followers and fans of the fic. Unfortunately, I seemed to have gotten addicted with playing Xenoblade Chronicles X. Please understand.

    Anyways, I hope to get out the next chapter of New Threat before the end of tomorrow. In the meantime, have two cute images:

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Today is my 23rd Birthday! · 12:54pm Feb 7th, 2016

How shall we celebrate?

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Happy birthday!!! And first comment for the win!

It's also funny, the 19th is my 24th birthday. I say we go out for drinks. In our own towns respectively as I'm sure you don't live in NY.


I don't drink though.

3738481 I never said they had to be alcoholic... go out for smoothies or bubble tea. Maybe even some fro yo. The point was to get out and enjoy it more than to get drunk. :-D

Then Happy Birthday my friend! Conveniently yours is on Super bowl Sunday!:rainbowlaugh: have a Super happy birthday *pun intended*:rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy: *gives virtual cake*


Thank you very much. Though, I hate how my birthday just happens to be on the Super Bowl.

3738536 Yeah, I see how you'd hate that. Most of the attention and celebrating will be for the game....:pinkiesad2:...Nonetheless, there's likely some who are on here who aren't watching the game who'd be willing to celebrate with you!:pinkiehappy:

Hmmm... I have an idea if you're up for a good laugh. It'll take up a couple hours of your time though. If you haven't heard of a group called acquisitions incorporated, they do DnD podcasts that are actually good. Their live games also are hilarious and if you so wish, I can link you to the one that I, personally, find the best.

Party over here! Party over there! Party everywhere!

3738539 I might look it up.

3738574 Parties everywhere!

3738605 Thank you very much.

3738610 I recommend their 2012 PAX show. It was Wil Wheaton's last game with them and he went out with a bang. Now they have Pat Rothfuss with them.

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