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Dark Horse Status Update · 7:30pm Feb 6th, 2016

Just finished up the final rough.

104 765 words, 454 pages of talking heads.

Compared with the last rough that was 184 838 words slash 743 pages? Still a bit on the heavy side, but an impressive trimming of fat nonetheless.

By now you guys know how my guesses tend to turn out, but I think the rest should take about 80-100 K words, spread over about 6-8 chapters.

Bit beefy compared to the 'average' official book, but I've got a good feeling. Even managed a complete revamp of the ending I think is going to be far more satisfying, both for this story but an eventual sequel.

So, sadly not much news about chapter #8 yet again, but I think the work I've put in over the last few months is really going to show in the end. :raritywink:

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Glad to hear that trimmed down so much, and 80-100k words strikes me as right around the sweet spot for wrapping up this story! Just make sure you don't burn yourself out on roughs and planning, and if you need someone to discuss story direction or throw ideas at, don't forget your editors are here for you.

So what is the timetable for the next chapter coming out?


If you don't mind a very rough, talking heads version, and have the time, I wouldn't mind at all hearing some initial feedback on the final rough.

There's a couple of scenes I'm already planning on doing differently in both tone and execution, but all the beats, themes, and big set-pieces are there, and I've finally hammered out a new ending I'm genuinely happy with.


Late this month, early March?

Depends a bit on inspiration and my free time.


I'd also like a look if you didn't mind. I know it'd be basically just talking heads and nothing more, if you want my feedback on that.

3737116 I wouldn't mind providing feedback at least on the original version of chapter 8 or the new one you're doing. Anything that lets me aid in the faster development of the story would be ok.


Did you see the preview?

Because I got some feedback from that I've yet to implement, so chapter #8 is sadly not in a state I feel comfortable showing. Too much basic work still to do, including actually incorporating what I did in the new rough..

3737234 Oh...I must have missed it. After reading the comments, everyone else already posted the corrections needed.

3737116 Definitely send it over. I can't promise I'll read the whole thing right away, (since the talking heads will probably drive me nuts in very short order,) but I'm happy to skim for trouble spots and give some feedback on the plot and pacing for the chapter 8 section at the very least.

Can't say as I agree, but I prefer giga-word "the story won't end until the heat-death of the multi-verse" lengths.

Personal preference, y'know?

Still, for something as short as this would appear to be, it's still a fun read and quite entertaining.

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