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    Y'all have a good one.

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    So, I wrote a story a long time ago called Where Do Babies Come From?, in which Sweetie Belle struggles to uncover the answer to the very simple question in the title. Funny stuff, I assure you.

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    This wasn't what I intended to put out when I came back to this account. I didn't really know if I would come back. But, fuck it. I'm here, it's here, let's do this damn thing.

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    It's spur of the moment and not totally thought out, but that's kinda been my MO since day one. Give it a look.

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    It's Back

    TNothing Without Me
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Milestones!!! · 11:28pm Feb 3rd, 2016

Whoo! Thanks to the unexpected success of Sunset's Collection, I've made it into the triple digits! That's right, I've made it to 100 followers!

I have nothing planned for this. No celebration or special event or anything. I never even thought I'd get to this point. This is amazing! I sincerely thank all 100 of you who thought I was worth your time, and who gave me the confidence to keep on writing. Someday, with your help, I might actually even get good at it.

Comments ( 2 )

But you are good at it. and please make a spinoff that explores there day to day life. that mention of dash's "that's what she said" humor is something I want to see more of.

3731557 I think that I'm decent to moderately good, though I really want to be the very best [insert obligatory Pokemon joke here].

Dash is a character that I have very much so underutilized, so I may consider using her more often.


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