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Favor to ask of other Pokemon gamers (in the US) · 1:35pm Feb 3rd, 2016

I have a quick favor to ask if you're in the US and happen to be going to Gamestop between now and the 24th.

Would someone mind picking up an extra Mew serial code card for me and PMing me the code? I can't really justify a side-trip to a really out of the way Gamestop to get a code for a level 100 Mew that only knows Pound. Any Gamestop should distribute more than one code per customer for free.

(I'll need to ask this same favor again later in the year for Darkrai, Arceus, and Genesect. The rest of the 20th anniversary mythicals are being distributed via download.)

EDIT: Thanks to jamie9897 for hooking me up!

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Comments ( 10 )

Yeah I can hook you up now I need extra ones anyway

You're a Pokémon player?

3730471 The Pokemonday blogs I've been posting weekly since December 2014 would certainly seem to say so. :twilightsmile: I'm taking a break from ORAS right now though because of Yo-Kai Watch and a bit of Pokeburnout.

3730459 Thank you very much! :twilightsmile:

3730459 would you happen to have any extra codes left over? I'm in the same boat and can't get to a Gamestop any time soon.

3730568 I used the only one I had at the time I am going over to gamestop tomorrow after work to pick up more.

You, my fine androgynous individual, are a sir (or madame) and a gentleman (gentlewoman)...

3730568 so I found out GameStop only had 18 left and since they knew I got two already I couldn't get any more sorry

3733711 No problem! Thanks for trying though! ;)

Upside to Mew being able to learn any TM! You won't have any trouble padding out a moveset as long as you know how to find the TMs you want.

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