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Revisions on Lost Memories · 2:36am Jan 31st, 2016

Hey there, if all of you remember that I was going to make a separate blog post focusing on this story? Well here it is, yes I am going to revise the whole story from the ground up. While I am still going with the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles inspiration, I'm going to have to delete the current chapters except the prologue. There is a reason to that...

As much as I like to let Celestia and Luna visit different game worlds such as Kingdom Hearts and what-not, it would be extremely difficult to do such a daunting task. As such, I decided to delete the chapters focusing on Brave Frontier and try a different approach. I'm still going to keep the traveling to different worlds but instead of game worlds I decide to bring alternate universes into the mix which was in my mind for a while.

This will not be easy but at least it doesn't make my head spin like crazy. So far, besides the canon alternative universe/timelines thanks to the Season 5 finale, I've got four alternative universes in mind I can go for. Those being Bad Future Crusaders, Rites of Ascension, Three Wishes, and Fallout: Equestria. Yes, you heard me right, Fallout: Equestria. Here, the story between my Fo:E sidefic and Lost Memories are interconnected with one another.

This may be questionable as this is almost exactly what I have in mind with the game worlds but with alternative universes in sake, this allows me to try and challenge to not break the flow of these stories with the exception of the canon alternative timelines. That and it can be fun to try and write in those universe you know? Well this is all I have to say, but otherwise, things are looking up to me besides I had to revise my Fo:E sidefic so this doesn't bother me much. Hope you guys can understand what's going on here :twilightsmile: Well, that's that, now if you'll excuse, it's time for me to write my stories! :pinkiehappy:

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