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    Just thought I'd pop in and say a few very quick things:

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Welcome to Of The Night · 11:03pm Jan 30th, 2016

After a lot of downtime and hype, Chapter 1 of Of The Night is officially live!

This is an idea I've had for a while. Of the Equal Four, I found Night Glider's design to be really appealing, yet we really didn't know much about her. Sugar Belle is a baker, Party Favor is great with balloons, Double Diamond is a skiier, and Night Glider is... a pegasus. Just like the hundreds of other pegasi we've seen on the show.

This originally was intended to be a four-chapter story, closer to something like Smiling Flowers than anything else, but the first rough draft was sent back from my editors, which turned into a long talk about how to re-invent the story. It's now looking like 10 chapters and epilogue, a much more fleshed-out story that you will be seeing as the chapters go on.

Really looking forward to this one, and I hope you guys enjoy it!

See you soon,
-Brian J

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Comments ( 1 )

She seems to be a former spec-ops pony, at least to me.

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