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I am a conglomerate of Engineeriological and Writeological forces with a Ponypreneurial spirit.

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    Soon, my friends.... soon.

    It's not a new story it's something entirely different

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    "Another piece by the secretive street artist Flanksy"
    "Secretive street artist Flanksy"
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    Pretty gut-wrenching night.

    Take care of each other, everyone. Be kind, be nice, try to counteract any hatred you see with love. When they go low, keep going high. Because it's the only way to make it through the next few years.

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    So I figured I should give everyone a big update on where I’ve been, the lack of communication, what my life is like, things like that. Maybe get a snack, there’s probably going to be a lot of text. But I'll at least put in a few pictures of ponies to break things up a bit.

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    Quick notes

    Just thought I'd pop in and say a few very quick things:

    -The final chapter of Of The Night will be published at the same time as the Epilogue. So there's two chapters left, Chapter 9 and Epilogue, but they'll be up at the same time.

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I've been lying to you all (well, kinda) · 12:28am Jan 30th, 2016

So for a few months, while I've been busy getting my new business set up (it's going great, more on that in another blog) and basically making a big life transition, I've been hyping my next big story, in much the same way I hyped Exit Through Canterlot.

I debuted the name of the fic after Do Princesses Dream Of Magic Sheep. Any mention of the story was accompanied by pictures of the moon. The fic was called OF THE NIGHT. It was pretty clear who I was referencing in these hints.

So, uh, it's time to come clean and tell you all: while I never lied in anything I said, I wasn't exactly directing you correctly, either. Let me cut to the point: I never specifically mentioned who the story was about, did I? Yeah, Of The Night ain't about Princess Luna. What can I say, I love me some good hype.

If you want to know who the story is REALLY about (cover art and synopsis), head below the break. If you want to wait until Chapter 1 hits, well, I'll see you all tomorrow.

-Brian J

One year ago, there was an incident in the town of Modus. Many ponies got hurt; one pony was blamed. A pony who was different. A pony who never fit in. A pony whose entire life changed in the blink of an eye.

One year ago, Night Glider was exiled from Modus. Now, it’s time to go home.

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Comments ( 6 )

........I am ok with this, actually.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Author Interviewer

Surprising, but... I'm okay with it. I like Luna and all, but you can't throw a stick without hitting a story about her. I'm looking forward to this.

All those ponies were drawn to Starlight's town for some reason...


That is exactly where the story came from. It started as "Okay, what drew the ponies to the town?" and then sort of morphed over time into this new story.

oh, hot DAMN! I was already hype... now it's just more so!

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