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The Next Arc of "The Iron Horse?" YOU decide! · 6:30am Jan 28th, 2016

Hey folks! So, the next chapter of the Iron Horse should release either Sunday or Monday (haven't decided which yet). But after that, well, I haven't quite decided.

First, though, there is one thing I need to get out of the way, and I know not everyone is going to like it: I have decided, after much consideration, not to do a chapter in the Equestria Girls universe.

Whoa, whoa, easy, let me explain!

The reason is simple, actually. In any of the stories I've told, I have asked myself a simple question. Namely, "What do I want to accomplish here?" In each arc, Turing or her friends have learned a lesson or grown closer or the like. The only reason to have an EQG arc was to explore whether or not Turing's technology is based on the technology of the human world. And while I normally don't like to just come out and puncture fan theories, the answer is no, Turing Test is not based on anything from the human world. I think that would be too much of a cop-out. So it would have been kind of a long chapter just to amount to nothing.

Now, I might do it just for fun as a side story or bonus chapter when all is said and done, but I have other stories I want to tell and EQG just isn't one of them. I know that might disappoint a few of you, but I hope you'll understand. :fluttershysad:

But now to the thing I do want to talk about: what comes after the Trottingham Arc?

Basically, there are two arcs I want to do and I'm not sure which to do first. Which is where you come in, dear reader! I'd like your help in deciding which of these arcs to tackle next.

Option 1: The Applejack Arc
Yep, she's the last of the main cast and, despite her prickly appearances in this story, you should all know that I really like Applejack and have been looking forward to telling her story. It has been pushed back a few times now due to the Manehattan arc and the Trottingham arc, but I am ready to give AJ her moment in the spotlight at long last! Not only that, this arc will have some heavier plot relevance. Of course, the other option is a longtime fan request...

Option 2: The Romance Arc
This is one a lot of you have been asking about for a while and I've decided that it could actually be a great character moment and fun to boot, so I'm going ahead with it. Plus, it just might feature a certain stoic mare that I've been ship-teasing since Pinkie's arc. :ajsmug: This would be an arc wherein Turing Test explores the subject of romance and relationships.

Now I intend to write both of these, so this isn't a choice for one or the other, but rather which one comes first. I'm going to start writing the next chapter soon, most likely Friday or Saturday, so the sooner you voice your preference, the better. Either way, both of these will see the light of day, so don't worry. :twilightsmile:

Let me know in the comments which one you favor and I'll go with the one with the most votes!

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Comments ( 24 )


I see your smug AJ and raise you :applejackconfused: a confused AJ.

Also, I vote for the Apple Jack arc xD

Applejack arc :pinkiehappy:

Yes please :fluttershysad: I'd like to see a side story set in the EQG universe. It would be funny how the humans would react to her, especially Sunset Shimmer.
"How do you work?"

And, I think that the Applejack should come arc first :yay:

I'll vote for the Applejack arc. Though I would really like to see the romance arc too.

To be fair, I ship Twilight x Gadget.

"I know that might disappoint a few of you, but I hope you'll understand. :fluttershysad:"
Eh... personally, while I might want to see your take on that, I'm more inclined to take this as good news than bad.

Oh. Dear. And now this choice. You cruel, cruel author you. :)
..Random.org, go!
The result is 1!
Aaaaaand then I decide I'd rather vote for 2. Eh. Well, the goal was to choose what to vote for, and that was accomplished.

So, 2, then. :)

Though, looking at how the vote has been going so far, it looks like Random.org might have been voting with the pack. Well, either way the vote goes, I expect to enjoy it. :)

Applejack Arc! :ajsmug:

The romance arc could always be a bridge between Applejack's and the confrontation with Turing's creators...

And probably Turing in EQGWorld probably works better as a side story/bonus (anyway, we will have a chance to see Sunset and Sci-Twi's reaction to Turing) :twilightoops:

Please, not EqG... (yes, I'm among the few who don't like humanized ponies)
As for the vote, I'll vote Applejack's arc. She had promised she would give Turing a chance if she befriended the others first, and it's long overdue.
About the shipping, it it gets more votes, please make sure to do it with reasons and background. Too many stories out there are filled with "out-of-the-blue/for the sake of it/adding nothing to the story" shipping.

While I do love how you write stoic ponies and I'm sure that whoever that mystery mare will be, I will greatly enjoy seeing her (again)...
I have to follow the herd and ask for the Applejack arc first. I've just been waiting for it so long and I know everyone else has, too (most of them probably a lot longer than me).

:ajsmug: Applejack arc first!

Both are going to have a signifiant impact anyways.
The real question is about what feel the most logical from a storytelling point of view.
As if , will the Romance arc benefit more of Applejack arc being finished than the contrary ?
Does Turing still miss some notions pertaining to romance that Applejack could bring or could a romance help bring Applejack and Turing closer in the first place ?
Will the romance have a long term impact , either by falling or succeding , and if yes , for how long do you want the impact to play/to take to be resolved ?
Would It be more logical to have Turing who just learned how to lie to confront Applejack sonner or later regarding the flow of the story ?

That's what the question come down to imo , and unfortunately only you are knowledgeable enough to give an informed answer. Thus I can't answer.

(And yes , I also ship Gadget X Twilight , these two are just too cute)

I'm feeling AJ arc first.

I vote for the Applejack arc first. :ajsmug:

Also, I am not a fan of the EqG universe, so it doesn't really matter to me whether you do a chapter in that world or not. However, if you do write something for that world you can use that chapter as a way for the ponies and Turing to see how humans have gotten used to the growth of technology and how it has effected their culture for better or worse. This way, the ponies can have a better idea of how technology may truly effect their own world. I am not saying that the ponies will get all of their answers from the human world, but it would get them thinking about ways to properly integrate technology into their lives.

I believe in Applejack:ajsmug:
(Harvey Dent reference)

I vote for the Applejack arc as well. I don't think that a romance story for a character who's only just begun to venture into emotions would fit that well into it.

Applejack having to own up to her promise and to come to terms with something not being natural, but still having merit to be a good a deep path to choose for this piece of work. (Whoa that was wordy! :applejackconfused:)

AJ Arc, and why can't their be an EQG arc so Turing can learn some things from Sunset?

AJ. It's what I want to see and I think putting it off any longer would make for odd pacing.

AJ arc first, as for the EQG oft would be pretty good to see it as a side story, like what you did for the Christmas one

3717886 All significant questions! The overall effect on the story by putting them in different orders isn't too great, but it will affect how I end the next chapter and will probably affect a few interpretations of the chapters in relation to each other.

(And yes , I also ship Gadget X Twilight , these two are just too cute)

What? That's--


To be fair, I ship Twilight x Gadget.

Is this a thing among my readers?! Holy crap, now I know how other creators feel when characters they create end up in unexpected pairings! I mean, at first, I thought maybe you meant Turing x Gadget which, given the joke chapter I could understand...
...but ummm yeah, never considered Twi and Gadget a pairing. Sorry to say, I don't think that's going to end up being a part of the story. But hey, ship all you want! Write up and send me in a short crack pairing of those two, I'll even put it on a blog post for the hell of it. :rainbowlaugh:

To be fair , nearly every pairing using your characters would in some way be interesting and/or unexpected.
When you have a minotaurXpony pairing in the canon story and this kind of joke chapter , you can expect every shipper to run wild with their shipping. (I love interesting ships)
Given that Gadget and Twi are the two resident adorkable egghead well...:twilightsmile:

Now if you want a truc crackship , I raise you GraceXTuring ! ( Grace became madly in love with Turing after her defeat in the true defeat mean friendship fashion , and decided to have a heel-face turn in order to be with her beloved Turing-chan , earning her rédemption along the way.) :rainbowlaugh:

Well, canon characters or OC, a large proportion of people in this fandom likes to ship any character with any other character, be it in drawings, fanfics, ...
I, for one, like shipped characters when there is background, not just kisses and sudden, unexplained marefriends.

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