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Not really big on fanfic writing, but when I'm in the mood I'll jot something down from time to time. I'd much rather frequent sites like YouTube, DeviantArt, and Facebook

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You know when you just have NO idea what to write about, or how to update one of your old stories, or just can't be bothered to write at all? · 2:27am Jan 27th, 2016


I'm having that feeling right now.

I'm feeling lazier every day. I'm struggling to make a FNAF World animation before everyone else does.

I feel like it's getting harder to appeal to people...and I don't know why.

What's wrong with me?

Why can I not do anything right?


Why do I keep feeling so god damn empty inside?

Why do I feel so hateful towards myself?


Why am I like this?

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Breathe. You're letting yourself get stressed.


Oh fuck this shit. If the FNAF World animation looks ugly, I guess it'll have to look ugly. I don't care anymore. I'm just gonna cut corners and get this piece of garbage made. I'm getting way too upset over this dreck.

Sometimes I wonder how the hell I even have you guys and gals as my followers. What do you actually see in me that you stay on my team?

Or am I just going through my own depression?

Arrrgh I just don't get it!

3714760 maybe a big if depression... But we follow you cause you good writer and funny

I totally understand. I've been dealing with depression myself lately, and it's honestly hard to do ANYTHING... I have no idea how I'm passing all my courses :p

If you're having trouble writing, that's okay. Maybe take a little break from fanfiction, and just write. Just write whatever pops in your head, don't erase or anything. Just write. Then you'll likely find it a bit easier to write your stories. :twilightsmile:

I feel this exact same way nearly every day.

Soon you will be slapped in the face by the absurdity of existence.

Do not give up. Set little goals for yourself. Figure out what makes you happy.

And just. DO IT.

Seriously. Keep your mind off of the void within you. Continue watching One Punch Man. Find a video game you love and start playing it. Read a story you enjoy. That emptiness won't go away, but it will start aching less. I speak from experience.

3714760 This is just depression. We're followers because you're a nice person. And some of us honestly care about you.

I can say that I feel the same as often as the snow falls. And that is a much more literal thing than a metaphor when you live in Canada. I can't sleep, I can't write, I can't focus, I can barely keep food down, and all because I am plagued by the question of why.

Why does life work this way?

Why do I work this way?

Why am I even still trying?

But the answer always come when the snow is clear.

I am here for myself, and for my friends, and my love, and the ones who love me. I am here to give purpose to another's life, even if neither of us know it.

So every time I see the sun shine through the clouds, I know that as soon as that snow bank passes, that life will get better.

Just keep trying Unique, cause it is all going to work out, just as soon as the snow stops falling.

I know how you feel. I think it's depression mate.

Does it help to know that you're not alone?

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