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A man with a love of top hats and the finer things in life. Like aged rum. And UNICORNS.

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    New Iron Horse Art: "For Grant (Happy to See You Too)"

    Art, as usual, by my longtime pal and illustrator, Colby “Greenfinger” Green. Commissioned in tribute to Grant Imahara, the character Umahara is based on.

    Take care, folks, and see you again soon.

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    New Story/Chapter: "Consuming Darkness" (Guest Chapter)

    My pal Zontan over at "Quills and Sofas Speedwriting" wrote a cute, very funny story. As a challenge, I wrote a continuation! He loved it and decided to publish it (with my permission of course)! If you like my comedic, feelsy writing, I'm sure it'll be up your alley. (Also, check out Zon's other stories when you get a chance, like Truth

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  • 9 weeks
    Rest in Peace, Mr. Imahara (Tribute)

    For those of you who haven't heard, Grant Imahara of Mythbusters fame passed away on Monday. He was someone I admired as a robot enthusiast and he inspired the Iron Horse character Umahara. Mr. Imahara was 49.

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    New story is here! "Rising Above"

    A one-shot about overcoming the things that keep you down. Only one of which is gravity...

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    Story Recommendation: "Good Changes, Mostly"

    Much of my work - like The Iron Horse or the recent "Spirit of Radio" - deals with the impact of technology on society. A very recent story here on the site takes this theme and creates a beautiful tale of change and hope as

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The Iron Horse Updates Tomorrow! (1/25) · 2:09am Jan 25th, 2016

Hey everyone! Well, good news is that tomorrow is the newest update of The Iron Horse: Everything's Better With Robots! featuring you know who...

However, though I had previously said it would be the last chapter in the Trottingham arc, I'm afraid the chapter ran a little long, so I'm splitting it up into more readable chunks. My editors have helped me out on this, though, and the good news is that you'll only have to wait for a week for the arc's conclusion instead of the usual two! That'll give me time to work on some other things and maybe build a little buffer zone on chapters, as well as catch up on a few other projects I can't discuss right now.

But it'll also give you time to see if you can decode this message, which is still undeciphered after two weeks:

13 22 18 2 7 12 2 13 3 12 15 10

Again, PM me if you figure it out instead of telling me in the comments. Editors, I'm afraid you're out of running for the contest as you might have a better idea of what the message is about, but you're still free to give it a shot for funsies. For everyone else, I invite you to give it your best! Just don't be negative and complain to me if you can't solve it. I'm sure with a little mathematical thinking, you can find the difference between the seeming gibberish before you and the intended meaning.

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Comments ( 12 )

I've been chipping away with an online bombe, and I have no idea what it says at this point. Without a crib, I'm useless. XD

3710864 Ah, there's no way I could decode it in time, since the semester started and I have 17 credit hours of work... :rainbowlaugh:
I had fun goofing around with it, though.

3710868 Still got a week to figure it out!

3710870 I shall do so if I have time. :twilightsheepish:

I don't see the hint

3711476 It's a small one, but keep looking through those tags and you just might get enough to hazard a guess.

13 22 18 2 7 12 2 13 3 12 15 10

Well time to take the rules literally and list what this isn't? It is not a version of rot. Not Ascii. Not some odd hex pattern that could be in either. Not dates. As far as I can tell it is just a set of 12 numbers that may just be in the conventional real numbers domain. The only other thing I can see that is really important is it's grouping. Since it was put out that it has not been decoded for the last few weeks it should be looked at within the original post for connotation? Hmmm....

Well, I've got it all deciphered into the alphabet, is it a possibility that it is scrambled?

3764575 No hints but what you've already been given. :rainbowwild: A later blog post shows the solution, so the "contest" is over. But if you feel like trying...

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