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Taking Review Requests [CLOSED] · 11:36am Jan 23rd, 2016

If [OPEN], I am accepting new requests. If [CLOSED], I am working on other things (check back later :twilightsmile:)

If you follow me, then you are likely aware of my ongoing review series. In order to mix things up a little, I am now taking requests for stories to review. Like everything in life, there are some caveats:
*Only request reviews for one of your own stories.
*Only request one review at a time.
*No stories longer than ~25k words please.
*Only request reviews of stories that are complete.
**I generally only do prereading/editing/pre-publish commentary for people I already know somewhat and/or for stories that catch my attention. You are welcome to ask, but don't be surprised if it's a "no".
*Any stories with the Random tag, Crossovers, 2nd Person, or Human in Equestria are extremely hard sells for me.
*Poetry is not my area: you'd be better off finding someone else.
*M-rated stories are fine, but if its smut/porn/clop/whatever-synonym-you-use then it's usually harder to find worthwhile things to comment on.
*If you want feedback on non-pony fics then sure, why not. But how did you get here? Also make sure to ask if I'm familiar with the work/franchise first.
**Ditto for original fiction. Again, though, how did you get here?
*If I have already reviewed a story of yours, then please give other people a chance to request, before requesting another one. I want to make sure that requests are spread out among everyone who wants one.

If you have a story that meets these general criteria and want feedback on it, then comment below. I have made exceptions to several of these, on a case-by-case basis. Also note that even if your story does meet these criteria, then there's no guarantee I'll review it:
*If a story's first chapter doesn't hook me, then I'll probably leave a comment on the first chapter stating why, rather than doing a full review.
*If I finish a story but don't have much to say about it, then I'll do a Concise Critique of it (2 sentences). Anyone is welcome to ask for additional clarification or explanation, despite the length of the review, of course. (This goes for any review, not just concise ones).

*Regardless of the type of review I do, I'm not going to go easy on you. Please make sure that you are willing to accept criticism gracefully before requesting one.
**Fiction is subjective. Just because I point out a particular thing, doesn't mean I'm automatically right or that you can't disagree. Discerning applicable criticism is as much of a skill as discerning bad criticism. :raritywink:
*I'm learning too. If there's something in my review that you didn't understand or you felt could be improved, don't be afraid to say so!

There's a different sort of attitude and result that comes from reviewing something by request, compared to reading a story and presenting one's thoughts afterwards. Hopefully we'll all learn something from this approach.

Comments ( 20 )
Author Interviewer

>Random is a hard sell

aw :(

*requests something with two of those tags anyway* :V

Okay, no, but I would love it if you'd consider reading Persephone, since it's my newest. :B

By Inquisitor M

Nopony knows the changes that time will bring, and neither Twilight nor Sweetie Belle could
have guessed that their trials would have brought them so tightly together. Now, as Twilight
draws closer to the end, Princess Celestia pays her a final, private visit, but the ramifications
are huge and could change the course of Sweetie Belle's life without her ever knowing.

[SoL] 7,186 words

My oldest short story, yet it never did get much feedback. I'd be very interested to see how it holds up now.

Don't worry, the random tag is because it's a compilation of micro fiction. Wait a couple days to read it though because I need to put up a blog post with the supplementary pictures since Professor Plum made me stop linking to unpublished alternate versions of the stories.

Human in Equestria are extremely hard sells for me.

Then I have just the thing! Yes, really: Back in 2012, when you could count the number of good Human stories on two hands, I wrote The Savage Way to prove the genre could be done well, against all odds. For that reason, I used an unpopular minor character as the protagonist, kept the story short, and went for a theme rarely seen in fan fiction.

Thanks in advance!

Site Blogger

I will offer up Old Friends to the sacrificial critical altar. I'm always interested in objective feedback.

I'll also throw in my two bits that 3707767 is worth your time.


Back acha, regarding Old Friends. :moustache:

May I request The Quest?

Dark adventure.

Thank you! :pinkiehappy:

Drop I suppose.
Bad_Seed_72 liked it, and it seemed relatively well-received from the comments I've received on it (excluding Burraku_Pansa's review), so I might as well.
Rated T for contemplation of suicide and description of short-drop hanging.

3930695 Didn't you just say that critique on it wouldn't be very useful to you? :derpytongue2: I don't think I can be more comprehensive or thorough than Burraku's review (he's edited a few of my stories and I thought he was very good).

It's short enough, so I could certainly give you a review, provided you actually want one.

3930786 I didn't like him very much. It read more like he was tasked to review a sadfic he didn't want to read and sought to find fault wherever it was, and only focused on what was done wrong (in his eyes). It read more like a huge book of him bitching about the fic than an actual review.
It read to me more like the comment you posted where you admitted it was more of you being a dick than an actual review.
So I'd like an actual review for exposure, since you'll be posting it (or a short two sentence) in a blog where it'll lead people to the work rather than just a diatribe on the story page itself, and for any situations I'm particularly bad at or might use in the future.

3930786 Did you ever get around to the review?

3975045 Yes. It's a concise review, I'll post it in the next batch.

3975219 Concise reviews only mean I didn't have a lot to say about the story: it has nothing to do with their quality.

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