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Why can't more youtube comments be like this? · 2:24am Jan 23rd, 2016

I think everybody loves Zelda's Lullaby, so here are my lyrics for the tune:

Rest-- this night
Shining, soft-- moonlight---
Dream-- away-- wor-ries- of the day

Righteous heart-- of gold--
Brave, young hero-- foretold--
With-- this song-- to play---

Your--- kingdom's safe, I vow--
Prin--cess, close your eyes now---
This-- pro-mise- I endow---

Star-filled- night--
Everything's--- alright--
Let-- your-- day-- slow-ly-- fade away--

Only be-- at ease---
My sweet prin-cess, please-
Sleep--- and come-- what may---

Hy-rule is safe, I vow-
Gent--ly, close your eyes now---
This-- lullaby-- I--- endow---

Here's the video it came from; it'll be near the top (which is lower than it should be).

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Comments ( 2 )

Because the Internet, especially YouTube, is full of trolls. :ajbemused:

Because of Google and trolls. They are both to blame.

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