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Where you been, Chuck? · 12:41pm Jan 22nd, 2016

Trying to write Zecora dialogue.

(also seeing family for the holidays, but nevermind that)

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Comments ( 10 )

I feel your pain. Zecora's one of my favorite MLP:FiM characters, but that infernal rhyming makes her impossible to write... :raritydespair:

The zebra writing method mine: Just count the beats and you'll be fine.

3704596 Same. I tried writing her once, and though I love her as a character, I haven't put her in another story since.

A herculean task

Back and white and red all over
My lines demand four leaf clover.

... She's hard.

Am I the only person who doesn't have trouble writing Zecora? Mind you my only experience writing her is a slashfic between her and Bloomberg, but I thought it turned out pretty well.

Oh and I should probably finish writing "Literally Everything Turns Zecora On".

Give up on writing for her you must
because rhyming to her pattern is a bust
Pick a different pony to speak your lines
and you will save you blessed mind.

Mister Finley, where've you been?
"Writing in the zebra mien." [1]
Family 'pon his time has parked,
But we'll leave that one unremarked.

[1] Or, if your speech has "been" rhyme "men",
"Writing lines that zebras ken." :rainbowwild:

Prompt: Zecora writes a children's book.

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