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Public apology · 10:02am Jan 22nd, 2016

Ok, honestly I really dont like doing this
and its NOT an apology for defending or attacking what I have been known to defend and attack.
But after some friends looked over some of the stuff I have said and done they have requested that I publicly apologize for the excessive level of hostility I have shown.
I could explain some things as to what drove me to this level but then the people responsible could claim I was harassing them and I would get banned. because lets face it, I am NOT the most popular and well liked person on fimfic.
To explain my current status, yes I am still VERY against stories and groups that hold Pedophilic themes here on Fimfiction.net. THAT will never change EVER.
However, there have been a small handful of events where individuals have come to speak with me about how hostile I was being and I reacted far too aggressively.
To the point. I do NOT apologize for my views on Pedophilia or the defense of pedophilia. I do however apologize for my personal attacks on people who simply were offended that I was being so aggressive and forward.
At this time I have been convinced to as it is said. "be nicer" and not just wage a bloody war.
I have however successfully blocked dozens upon dozens of individuals who came to either talk sense into me or troll me. for the most part I made no distinguishment between the two and blocked EVERYONE. Someone at some point will be set up or volunteer to speak to me so I may start unbanning people and resort to a far more civilized form of talk where only the trolls and overly aggressive is pushed to the ignored/blocked list.
on that note, I would like a volunteer to be emailed to let me know who can get unblocked if they so desire to actually speak to me again or talk about this.
However, again no my views have not changed. I still see that stories about raping or molesting children not only have no place on Fimfic but no place in the civilized or honestly uncivilized world.
but again, that is not what this blog post is about.
so here it is
all you whom I have offended, I apologize for being so stubborn and utterly aggressive and offensive. If your intent was solely to let me know that I am going about this a to harshly and I dropped on you with nothing but wrath you have my deepest apologies.
On the flip side if you came to try and argue about how pedophilia is not wrong then I am not sorry and chances are you will find no different reaction than when you first met me.

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Comments ( 9 )

Its good that your doing this mate. Well, to my belief at least.

But I do have one problem... There is no link...

3704698 oh that was going to be through a volunteer. To my knowledge there is no list that you can just look up to see who you blocked. so all those people I blocked will have to come forward to someone and explain that they wish to be unblocked IF they want to take the time to talk to me or post here.
Im not giving out my personal email here. Too many people want me dead in real life, I would rather avoid people here who are not too fond of me to be added to that list by finding out my details Via email.

3704702 Well you could always create another email. But yeah, your way seems fair to me. You might want to clear that confusion up in the blog post though.

3704714 :raritycry: I thought it was cleared up

3704721 It is cleared up, well, most of it. The volunteer part is still a bit confusing, actually that's the only thing that's confusing...

Whelp, cheers mate! :pinkiehappy:

3704753 just need someone to hold the sign here
*for those of you who want to be unbanned so you can post on his topics blah blah blah and stuff message me and Ill message him and you will be unblocked!*
that is the volunteer part

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