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By windward strides and holy ghosts, what rests beside the barren coasts?

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Snowkakke 2016. · 8:01am Jan 22nd, 2016

A bit crude, but it works.

We're about to get dumped on this weekend, two to three feet if the weather folk are to be believed, which means I may very well spend the weekend not just at work, but actually AT WORK. Like unable to leave work. This is impacting the update schedule, as you might think. But fear not! I have three chapters ready to go, all occurring simultaneously.

The first chapter involves our intrepid explorers of the frozen north, and the trials and tribulations they will need to undertake to survive among the savage Minotaur clans and their strange, foreign ways. There will be axes, things will be on fire, and there may be more blood than anyone involved is strictly comfortable with.

The second involves our fair Lady, and a scintillating conversation with a familiar "evil" stepmother about certain activities that she may or may not be involved in, possibly. There may or may not be a tea party.

The third involves the Magus and the fallout from the worst drinking session she'd been a part of in at least twenty years.

Which one would you all like to see first? Let me know, and I'll get it through the last editing and out by Sunday at the latest, unless I am eaten by yetis, which could become a very real possibility.

If you've been following my work for very long, you'll know I'm a fan of certain themes, among them questioning what's around you, the debate between liberty and security, and the idea of the greater good against the right to self-determination. If you haven't been following my work for very long, I encourage you to please, continue reading, and join us all in being faintly horrified by what we have read/written.

I am also a fan of pen and paper RPGs, among them second edition D&D, White Wolf games to include Hunter: The Reckoning and Exalted, and GURPS systems. However, I've stumbled across an interesting little module for an even MORE interesting game called Don't Rest Your Head. The module in question is called Don't Rest Your Hooves, and if you like what I've written so far and are interested in playing a pretty rules-light RPG, I cordially invite you to reach out to me. I am looking for folks interested in running a game. DRYH "campaigns" tend to be pretty short by nature, so it probably wouldn't be a huge commitment.

Remember, all. There are going to be interesting choices ahead. There will be blood. And in the end, the Shadow may take all.

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Comments ( 5 )

Dude, stay safe. We'd all rather you be alive than you be worrying about pushing chapters out! That said, my vote on chapter order is 2-3-1. (Pretend that doesn't sound as empty as it does, please.)

If you're curious, my DnD campaign started last weekend. Serale is a Catfolk Frost Mage. She very quickly earned herself a reputation for throwing columns of ice at things. In her defense, one of those things involved saving someone who'd fallen in a hole. Also, how does Real Serale feel about lizard? My Serale needs a familiar still.

Without getting too into detail, I will tell you that if your familiar isn't some kind of lizard, you will very much regret it. Go, and chase your scaled dreams. And fear not, for as my favored barbarian with a 6 in Int and a 17 in Strength, Nyuk-Nyuk of the North once said, "Nyuk-nyuk." Which translates to "I am the master of the ice, born and raised in the frigid north. Your petty excuses for winter irk me not."

Comment posted by Zenith Sparkle deleted Jan 2nd, 2020

I vote for the second option as well. Stay safe, Air.

I, too, vote for 2 to come first, preferably followed by 3, then 1. :D

Unfortunately, I am also going to be at work all weekend and so cannot volunteer for the gaming. Sadness.

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