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Gamer, devout Gaben worshiper, hellbent on writing some of the worst stories on Fimfiction. Yep, that describes me well...

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The aftermath of a masterpeice · 6:19am Jan 22nd, 2016

So I just wrote some meme-tastic stuff, and my 'Gaben Vs. The Burrito Bureaucracy' story is about to reach 800 views. So basically I'm happy that I can divert energy into writing some garbage. Thanks for reading and I'll write a new story or finish that Filthy Frank one at some point, idk, I'll get around doing that at some point.

"To contribute to the Brony/MLP fandom you have to be able to draw, if you can't draw worth shit then write. If you can't write worth shit then you better damn well hope that you can write comedy"
-my reason for, like, everything

I also noticed that my stories are like literally some of the gayest on the whole site (not gay like in a bad way, but gay like in a homosexual way)

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